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[Madrid] 2* DSTAgE by Diego Guerrero

Rating: 4/5 Another restaurant we visited in Madrid  was 2* DSTAgE which stands for “Days to Smell Taste Amaze Grow & Enjoy”. Led by  Chef Diego Guerrero , the restaurant has no signage at all outside - perhaps an indicator as to what’s to come during the meal.  Sustainability, zero waste, single product, emphasis on vegetables over animals - these are the  key pillars of philosophy on the cuisine at DSTAgE. Achieved through maturation, fermentation and/or enzymatic cooking methods, sections of the menu are dedicated to each of these concepts and the first half was focused on product-based and plant-based dishes.  The menu was highly experimental, avant-garde and even challenging at times with dishes such as flans without eggs and “cheese” made with potatoes, but that’s how we also get incredible highlights such as the Anchovy Lasagna!

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