Tai Hing Roast Restaurant - 太興燒味餐廳

Last week, I went to Tai Hing Roast Restaurant in Sheung Wan to try out their roast items. I'm a big fan of char siu (barbequed pork), so I wanted to see if they were up to my standards. I went during lunch time so I ordered the set lunch menu with char siu and roast pork rice. It also came with a drink so of course I ordered my favorite - hong kong style milk tea.

The milk tea came first. The balance of the milk and tea was just right. I think the milk tea here is pretty decent. I just wished it came later with the meal, because by the time my lunch came, I was already halfway through my drink. If you're like me, you probably wished you had more milk tea at the end to help digest the meal.

Then came my rice plate! At first glance, the char siu looks good. I did specifically request half lean and half fatty so the taste and texture will be evenly distributed. I hate char siu that are too lean, so this was just right. The roast pork was kinda meh. Not enough of the crunchy skin and a bit bland. The taste of the char siu was pretty good for what Tai Hing is - a fast food roast restaurant. It's designed to pump people in and out of the restaurant as efficiently as possible. This char siu just didn't have the zing that Lei Garden's did. The char siu at Lei Garden is tender and glazed with a sweet honey sauce. Best char siu I have had in the world! Photos next time. I promise!

My conclusion? Yes I'll go to Tai Hing for a quick lunch/dinner fix for better than average quality food, but go somewhere else if you are looking for the best. I have heard great things about their oven baked pork chop rice, so I will try that next time if I head back to Tai Hing.


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