Keung Kee 強記美食 - Best Glutinous Rice?

Rating: ❤❤❤❤

I have passed by Keung Kee many times, but never felt compelled to try it as I thought it was just one of those street food stalls that sells fish balls. As I was browsing for recommendations to try around this area, I came upon the reviews for this shop and was immediately attracted by raving reviews for the glutinous rice! I knew that I would have to stop by the next time I was in the area. 

I came here around 12:30pm one day and luckily did not have to wait as the shop was tiny and there were only 4-5 small tables that can seat 2-4 people each. The seating can overflow onto the alley the shop resides in as I saw them setting up a folding table for a party of 2 just as I was walking in. This is one of those no frills, get in and get out kind of place. After taking a look at the menu, I ordered the glutinous rice with assorted preserved meat with extra chinese pork sausage and the pan-fried rice rolls. The food arrived very quickly right after I ordered.  
Glutinous rice with assorted preserved meat ($30 + $8) - after reading all the reviews, I was really looking forward to this rice. It arrived on a medium sized bowl with the extra chinese pork sausage I ordered already cut in half. The portions I think were alright for the price. As I take a closer look, I noticed that the rice were shiny as it had been coated in oil and soy sauce. Content wise, besides the chinese pork sausage, the glutinous rice also came with bits of chinese liver sausage, preserved pork belly, mushroom, and dried shrimp. I thought that the preserved meat were all excellent and flavorful, but it was the rice that disappointed me. The glutinous rice had been stir-fried so the rice was drier than the usual steamed rice. It is usually a good thing as one can feel each and every grain of rice in one bite. Unfortunately, the rice that I received was too hard so it was rather difficult to finish it all. Since they don't serve drinks either, I had nothing to help me wash it down. 

Pan-fried rice rolls ($15) - the rice rolls arrived sitting on sweet soy sauce and sesame sauce. I then added the sweet sauce and spicy sauce from the bottles provided on the table. The rice rolls were a tad crispy on the outside as it has been pan-fried while the inside was still smooth and chewy. I love the taste of the blended sauces as it enhances the taste of the rice rolls. The portions were decent for the price and I easily gobbled them all. 
Even though the glutinous rice I received that day was slightly disappointing, it was still one of the better ones that I've had in HK. With dirt-cheap prices, the food here can make for a nice snack or even a full-blown meal.

Keung Kee
G/F, Chuang's Enterprises Building, 382 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai 
2572 5207


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