Cat Store 阿貓地攤 - Cat Cafe in HK!!!


I Love Cats! Imagine my thrill when I found out that there was a cat cafe in HK! I called ahead to make a reservation around lunch time as I heard the cafe can get pretty full. The cafe was located on the 3rd floor of an old building near Time Square. As we had made a reservation, we were seated right away in a booth by the window which overlooked Percival Street. Around 6-7 cats were already roaming around the spacious cafe - some were still and quiet while others were jumpy and playful!

The menu consisted mainly of snacks where some were cat-themed like the cat pizza and cat toasts. The drinks and dessert menu were vast with lots of choices to choose from! They also had a lunch set menu but as none of the choices appealed to us, we ended up ordering some a la carte snacks and dessert for our meal. 

Chocolate with Marshmallow ($45) - my cold chocolate drink with marshmallows and whipped cream. The cat faces on the marshmallows were almost too cute to eat! The drink was chocolatey without being too sweet while the whipped cream can be eaten alone or mixed into the drink for a more creamy texture. The marshmallow was delightful to eat as it was soft and fluffy. A fun and refreshing drink overall!

Ham Rolls with Shrimp & Cheese ($36) -  each roll consisted of a piece of ham wrapped around a piece of shrimp with melted cheese on the bottom. The ham was salty and tasty while the shrimp was firm and slightly sweet. The melted cheese served as a dip which enhanced the flavor of the roll. A yummy and satisfying snack!

Ham, Mushroom & Boiled Egg Toast with Cheese ($48) - the toast was warm and crunchy as it was freshly toasted. The melted cheese had integrated with the mushrooms and ham but not the toast, so the toppings peeled away from the toast when I was cutting it. The toppings were alright but the surprising ingredient was the egg which was still runny! The egg yolk was rich and flavorful to eat with the toast. Sauce was provided in the form of a cat paw as well, which was tart and sweet! A bit pricey though for the amount of food.

Choco Mousse, Biscuit Mousse & Cake ($42) - this dessert came in 3 separate cups which were all equally scrumptious!
Choco Mousse - the cat face drawn on the mousse was already appetizing enough! The chocolate mousse was thick and creamy without being too sweet. The taste of chocolate was apparent and rich which made the mousse delightful to eat!

Biscuit Mousse - a paw print chocolate bar rested on top of a layer of chocolate cookie crumble and cream. The cookie crumble was fine like saw dust while the cream was light and fluffy. This combination of biscuit and cream was light to eat which was nicely offset by the rich solid chocolate paw bar!
Cake - I thought that this would be boring and dry like a cupcake, but it was denser and not as dry as I'd expected. The resulting flavor and texture were surprisingly good as it was rich and delish to eat as well!
Verdict - to be honest, you don't really come here for the food but it is a nice bonus if the food tasted decent. I think the cafe managed to do that and more. The cooked food here was rather simple and homemade, but still tasted good for what it is. The desserts were surprisingly great as were the drinks. I think this cafe would be a great choice for afternoon tea to enjoy snacks and desserts (and cats), but not as a substitute for a real meal like lunch or dinner. 

And now onto the stars of the cafe - CATS!!!
Flower Cat

Grumpy Cat

Sleepy Cat

Playful Cat

Don't Give a $%# Cat

Cat Store
Flat D-E, 3/F Po Ming Building, Fu Ming Street, Causeway Bay 
2710 9953

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