La Vache! | Hong Kong

Rating: ❤1/2

Holy Cow! Apparently that's what La Vache means in English. We were dining at Le Moment which is right across the street, and I guess that bright red neon cow sign really worked in sending us a subliminal message, beckoning us to try their steak. When we needed to find a place to eat in Central the other night, we immediately thought of this place. 

Once you walk pass the red sign, you take a few steps to descend into the restaurant which is located in the basement. The decor was prominently Parisian with paintings of famous sights of Paris as well as red and white checkered table cloths. We were seated towards the back of the restaurant where many two seater tables were set up against the mirror. Unfortunately it was really cramped as the tables were placed really close to each other - to the point I could barely get out as I was sandwiched between 2 tables and I'm already pretty skinny. 
There is no menu here as the only item they serve is steak frites. The placemat on the table says it all. For $258 per person, you get steak, fries, and salad. When you place your order, they will ask you how you want your steak and mark it on your placemat. My "M" stood for medium.  
They did have a drinks menu as they have a big bar right in the middle of the restaurant. The drinks menu was pretty cute as it looked like a drawing book with scribbles of drawings on each page. They had their own Parisian-inspired cocktails as well as wines. I'm guessing they can probably whip up anything you want since they have a full blown bar. 
Water-Lillets ($88) - the drink that caught my eye was the water-lillets, described as a monet-inspired blend of Lillet Blanc aperitif, gin, and creme de violette. It certainly looked pretty and sounded fancy but tasted anything but. The taste of gin was too strong with nothing to balance it out. J said it tasted like detergent...
Before our meal started, slices of baguette were brought out along with butter. The bread was luke warm while the butter was hard. It was alright but nothing special.

Green Salad with Walnuts - very fresh and tart! The salad consisted of lettuce, radish, and walnuts tossed with vinaigrette. The taste of the vinaigrette was pretty strong with an acidic tinge. Nice start before the meat!
Trimmed Entrecote Steak with French Fries - our steak arrived together on a metal plate which was placed over a candle holder to help preserve the temperature. The server then placed about half of our already sliced steak onto a hot plate in front of us along with some fries and some of their special house sauce. The steak was cooked nicely as it was juicy and succulent. Some parts were a bit overcooked but overall had a good proportion of fat ratio. The sauce was a bit mild as it didn't provide much of a kick in taste compared to other steak frites I've had in the past. The french fries were pretty solid as they were nice and crunchy. They come around to distribute more french fries if you had finished your fries and wanted more. 

Verdict - the steak fries here were pretty good for the price and value. The execution was solid and yet I felt that something about the service here was amiss. I usually love desserts yet I didn't get any here because no one offered to showed us their dessert cart. I saw a big dessert cart being wheeled around but surprisingly after we finished our meal, they didn't ask us if we wanted desserts or not. So after waiting for a awhile without any service, we didn't feel it like anymore and just got the check.

La Vache!
G/F, Peel Street, Central 
2880 0248

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