Soft Creme - Cereal Milk Soft Serve in Hong Kong!

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Located in Tai Hang, Soft Creme is the latest contender to enter into the foray of ice cream shops in Hong Kong focusing on soft serve ice cream with various flavors and toppings! The shop is brightly lit with a few high tables for dining in so may be best to get it to go if the shop is crowded. The menu is simple enough with two types of soft serve flavors - Hokkaido Milk and Cereal Milk. There is also a monthly alcohol flavor and this month is Champagne flavored! What I love is the attention to detail with the use of dry ice in the base of the cup to prevent the soft serve from melting too quickly from the summer heat. Besides, it makes for a great photo op as well!

Hokkaido Milk Soft Serve with Australian Honeycomb ($42) - soft serve with honeycomb is apparently all the rage right now in Korea and HK as well. The honeycomb here is sourced from Australia and it was oh so deliciously fresh and sweet! I'm just not a fan of eating the waxy comb though so I'd prefer the honey to be drizzled directly on top of the soft serve. The soft serve itself was quite creamy while the milk flavor could be stronger though. [3.5/5]

Cereal Milk Soft Serve with Caramelized Cornflakes & Flamed Bacon ($38/$42) - made famous by Momofuku in NYC, cereal milk flavor is supposed to taste like the sugary leftover milk at the bottom of a cereal bowl and the cereal milk soft serve here has managed to nail down that slightly salty flavor. While both of the toppings were alluring, the crunchy bacon bits stole my heart as I just loved the contrasting savory taste and texture with the soft serve! [4.5/5]

Moët Soft Serve ($48) - Champagne flavored soft serve! The texture was icier and more like a sorbet compared to the other 2 milk-based soft serve while it was delightful and well-balanced in taste as the alcohol wasn't that strong in the flavor with ~11% alcohol content. Personally I love Champagne so I wouldn't mind if the taste was even stronger. [4/5]

Soft Creme
7 Shepard Street, Tai Hang
+852 2370 3205

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