Texas Burger | Hong Kong

Rating: ❤❤❤1/2

Located on the main strip in Tin Hau, Texas Burger would be hard to miss with its bright red neon signage. I was excited to see another restaurant serving burgers and ribs with a Southern flair after 85 South. The menu is quite extensive with a lot of variety of starters, burgers, mains, and desserts. For burgers, you can choose to get the Burger Combo which comes with french fries, mustard pickles, and citrus slaw for an extra $24 -$48 depending on what type of drink you choose.

Tropical Forest ($43) - I haven't had a milkshake in the longest time so I decided to order one when I see that they offered several flavors on the menu. The Tropical Forest was made up of guava, mango, passion fruit, lime ice cream and sliced pineapple. It was a proper milkshake complete with thick texture and refreshing flavors. Awesome! [4/5]

Texas BBQ Burger ($83) - I decided to go with their namesake burger with 6 oz beef patty, baked crisp bacon, deep fried onion ring, lettuce, cheddar cheese and signature smoked Jalapeno BBQ sauce. The beef patty could have used a bit more structure as it was too soft but otherwise it was a solid burger for the price. The flavors were all there and I especially loved the BBQ sauce flavors in the burger! [3.8/5]

Smoked BBQ Baby Back Ribs ($163) - comes with citrus slaw, BBQ sauce and french fries. I was very impressed with the tenderness and texture of the ribs as the meat pulled apart from the bones easily. If only there were more flavors inside as the BBQ sauce was only on the surface but I guess that's what the separate BBQ sauce is for. This was much better than the ones at 85 South for sure! [4/5]

Verdict - for a Southern burger restaurant, I would have liked to see more emphasis on their coleslaw which was more of an afterthought here whereas 85 South did a pretty banging job with it. Overall, the food was solid for the price and value though!

Texas Burger
109 Electric Road, Tin Hau
+852 2805 7811

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