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If you are not going away to see cherry blossoms in Japan for the Easter holiday, you can still enjoy sakura as desserts at Cafe & Meal MUJI in Hong Kong - the first MUJI cafe established outside of Japan in 2013! The concept of the cafe is simple cooking while showcasing the natural flavors of the ingredients. Thanks to MUJI, I had the chance to preview their 2015 Spring Menu including sakura desserts that are only available for a limited time only!

The way you order is that you can choose between a 3-Deli set ($88) or 4-Deli set ($98) which includes a bowl of rice plus a drink. You can freely choose your choice of deli in their showcase before paying for your purchase and proceeding to find a seat in the cafe. 

Like the rest of its products, the decor of the cafe was simple and clean with several long tables in cafeteria style.

To start off the meal, I drank some Chrysanthemum Tea with honey which was light and smooth to drink - great for before and after eating.

I got to preview 8 of the new deli on the 2015 Spring Menu of which some are not available yet as they change the dishes by phase. The Spring Menu will incorporate fresh fruits and seasonal ingredients with the goal to create refreshing and appetizing dishes for the upcoming warm weather.

Cold Deli

Water Bamboo & Mixed Bean Salad (available now)
Tofu Salad with Mushrooms & Bacon (available now)

Sargassum Salad with Dried Silver Anchovy (available Apr 13)
Pork Salad with Green Tea Dressing (available Apr 13) 

Hot Deli

Baked Carrot & Sweet Potato in Creamy Corn Sauce (available now)
Baked Chicken Wings with Garlic & Hatcho Miso (available now)

Baked Vegetables & Pork in Tomato Sauce (available Apr 13) 
Grilled White Onion & Mushrooms (available Apr 27)

For rice, you can choose between white rice and multi-grain rice.

After the savory food, it's time for sweets and desserts! 

Get ready for spring with this new Strawberry Vinegar Drink made with the famous big strawberries from Fukuoka! The strawberry flavor was prominent yet not artificial and not too sweet or sour to drink - quite appetizing actually. 

Japanese people not only like to admire sakura, they also like to incorporate it into food as well like the salted pickled sakura on top on this Sakura & White Peach Mouse Cake at MUJI. The mousse cake was lovely to eat as it was soft and smooth with large chunks of white peach inside while the pastry base was buttery and crumbly. The pickled sakura was interesting to eat actually as it was like eating salted dried plum.

In addition to the Sakura & White Peach Mousse Cake, the Sakura & Ocho Lemon Mousse is also available as a seasonal offering! From Hiroshima, Ocho lemons are 10% sweeter than ordinary lemons due to the sunny weather and rich soil in the area.

Another dessert - Citrus Crunch Mousse - is scheduled to launch in mid April as well. 

Verdict - while the portions for the deli set may seem small at first, it makes sense given that Japanese people think that you should only eat until you are 80% full which is fully embraced here at this MUJI cafe. It's a great place to eat a well-balanced and healthy meal along with Japanese desserts like matcha cheesecake and custard pudding!

* By Invitation

Cafe & Meal MUJI
3/F Lee Theatre, 99 Percival Street, Causeway Bay

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