[Reims] 2* Le Parc at Domaine Les Crayeres

Rating: ❤❤❤1/2 (3.5/5)

In between our champagne adventures, we managed to try two restaurants in Reims with the first being the 2 Michelin star Le Parc inside the Domaine Les Crayeres. The beautiful chateau was built in the 19th century and the decor inside was reflective of that era with its traditional and regal furnishings. The current chef of Le Parc is Philippe Mille who became Meilleur Ouvrier de France (France's highest professional distinction) in 2011 and had trained at various restaurants including Le Meurice in Paris. Unable to secure a dinner reservation, we came here for lunch instead where 3 different set menus and a la carte are offered and we ended up ordering the 3-course lunch menu for €69 per person. Overall I found the quality of the food to be solid but at the same time didn't walk away feeling impressed as none of the dishes really stood out to me - I think I was more enthralled with the gorgeous settings of the dining room and bar than anything. If I had to choose to splurge at only one restaurant in Reims, I would go for the 3* restaurant at L'Assiette Champenoise - review coming next!

We were the first to arrive for lunch at the elegant dining room of the restaurant. 

Three types of bread were offered and we both found the seeded bread on the left to be most irresistible. 

Spoonfuls of amuse bouche to kick off the meal. 

The White Asparagus Cream with Fennel lacked the depth of flavor that we had at Alain Passard's garden.

Duck Foie Gras and Apple in Terrine with Ratafia Jelly

White Gambas Tartare with Creamy Crustacean and Caviar

The Salmon from Loch Duart candied with olive oil and served with green asparagus and bergamot cream turned out to be the most impressive dish as texture of the fish was perfect.

The Roasted Guinea Fowl with soft potatoes and green peas muslin was a tad overcooked as the meat was on the dry side. 

The cheese course that the table next to us was having - this wasn't included in the lunch menu but you can definitely request it. 

Desserts picked back up with this beautifully contructed Agastache Cream and Strawberry Mousse in Strawberry Jelly.

The Revisited Blood Orange Tart with Traditional Sorbet was my favorite dessert of the two with its refreshing citrus flavors. 

We then moved to the stunning bar to finish our petit fours with coffee and tea. 

Our meal had its ups and downs but nonetheless, it was still an enjoyable afternoon spent at the beautiful Domaine Les Crayeres.

Le Parc at Domaine Les Crayeres
64 Boulevard Henry Vasnier, 51100 Reims, France
Tel: +33 3 26 24 90 00

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