[Hong Kong] New Punjab Club with Chef from London's Gymkhanna

Rating: ❤❤❤❤1/2 (4.5/5)

Aside from Osteria Marzia, Black Sheep Restaurants is also launching the New Punjab Club this month! New Punjab Club seeks to evoke the liberated era of post-Colonial Pakistan and India, and focuses on hearty and communal dishes cooked in the traditional tandoor oven. What's more exciting is that the chef Palash Mitra hails from London's Gymkhana where I had the best Indian food ever so I was super excited to try the food here! Located on Wyndham Street, the outside of the restaurant reminded me of Gymkhana already with its all-green coloring while the inside was dark and cozy with sofa booths and wooden trimmings.

Our server Brian (aka "Prince Brian" to us) took care of the ordering for us and while we waited for our food to arrive, a Gin & Tonic trolley was wheeled to our table first where we were offered a refreshing drink to start the meal!I I would say that this is always the best way to start a meal - wouldn't you agree?

We started our meal with a series of appetizers including this Spiced Peanuts with green chili and shallots ($68) where we were told to scoop the peanuts into our hands to eat with. After squeezing a bit of lime juice over the nuts, the resulting flavors were deliciously sour and spicy. 

The Smashed Samosa with crispy noodles, tamarind glaze and yoghurt ($88) was easily one of my favorite appetizers here especially with the flavorful sauces. 

Chickpea-battered River Fish with dill raita and mustard chutney ($118)

Wagyu Minced Kebab with green chili chutney and aloo chaat ($198)

The Spiced Mutton with milk bun and crisp potatoes ($118) was another alluring appetizer with its sweet milk buns!

Next we had dishes from the Tandoor oven starting with this Yoghurt, Spice-Marinated Chicken with mint chutney ($238) which was incredibly tender, juicy and full of flavors! 

Lamb Chops with beetroot korma and ember-roasted onion ($338)

Line-Caught Cobia with dill, carom seeds and tomato chutney ($198)

Butter Chicken is my all-time favorite and the Chicken Tikka Braised with Spiced Tomato and Butter ($148) here was amazing! It's a bit sweeter than the version at Gymkhana and lacked the subtle taste of cardamon that I loved there but still really good. The chef did say that he didn't want to bring anything over from Gymkhana and wanted to focus on local ingredients instead.  

Lamb Shank with cashews and black cardamon ($228)

The Butter Naan ($28) was fluffy and crispy at the same time - perfect for wiping up every last drop of the curry!

Desserts continue to impress and we were treated to British-style sweet treats such as this Carrot Sticky Toffee Pudding with popcorn kulfi, peanut and banana ($98).

The 'Nimbu' Posset with raspberry sorbet ($98) turned out to be my favorite dessert with its refreshing flavors from the limes. 

Chai Affogato with almond tea biscuit and hot chai ($98)

Lastly, we ended our satisfying meal with a cup of soothing chai tea

*By Invitation

New Punjab Club

34 Wyndham Street, Central
Tel: +852 2368 1223

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