[Brazil: Sao Paulo] Mocoto - Traditional Northeastern Brazilian Cuisine

Rating: ❤❤❤❤ (4/5)

We arrived in Sao Paulo just in time for lunch so we hailed an Uber to take us to Mocoto - a casual eatery and bar located 30 minutes away from the city center. Ranked #27 on Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants 2017, the restaurant serves traditional northeastern Brazilian food and quite possible the best caipirinha! According to LA50BR, "Mocotó was opened in 1974 by Rodrigo Oliveira’s father, ‘Seu Zé’, as a neighbourhood bar near the airport, soon gaining a reputation for hearty, tasty food. In 2002, young Rodrigo took over, gradually turning it into the Brazilian gastronomic institution of today." It's highly popular with both locals and tourists, and since they don't take reservations I heard that queues can be hours long. Luckily by the time we arrived in the early afternoon, the restaurant was only half full and we were seated right away. The menu comprised of many different dishes - we were quite lost at first so we asked one of the staff for recommendations. 

We were told that the Pork Rinds (R$8.50) is one of the popular items and it was easy to see why with its super crunchy skin.

The Iscas de Pintado (R$39.90) with crisp fried pintado fish fillets and lime mayonnaise was, however, disappointing. It was neither crispy or crunchy and the rubbery texture of the fish didn't help. 

The Dadinhos de Tapioca (R$15.90) is a must-try here! The small golden cubes of tapioca with coalho cheese was paired perfectly with a sweet chili sauce - one bite and I was hooked.

The Rabada com Xeremde Milho (R$59.90) was a special dish that was only available on the weekends. The oxtail cooked in black beer was a bit heavy for me but the creamy corn grits with canasta cheese and watercress on the side managed to balance things out. 

We also ordered the Baiao de Dois (R$16.90) which is described as the famous Brazilian "rice and beans" boosted with coalho cheese, sausage, bacon and jerked beef. Flavors-wise it was more than just rice and beans, and we quite enjoyed it with our oxtail. 


Av. Ns. do Lorêto, 1100 - Vila Medeiros, São Paulo
Tel: +55 11 2951 3056

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