[Spain: Seville] Cañabota - Modern Seafood Restaurant

Rating: 3.75/5

Seafood night at Cañabota by Juanlu Fernandes in Seville! As you walk into the modern restaurant, you will see an impressive display of freshest seafood available for the day. We sat at the counter where we could watch the action in the kitchen. During the meal, we got to watch the chef expertly deboned cooked fish several times (watch here). With both a la carte and tasting menu available, we opted for the latter with 5 appetizers, 8 courses, 1 pre-dessert and 2 desserts for 90€ per person. Some of the dishes from the tasting menu turned out to be a bit hit or miss however.

Our dinner started with a lovely sardine toast and squid croquette, followed by a selection of fresh seafood with razor clam, cockle and clam. 

The Grouper Terrine with Ikura and the Red Shrimps with Pickled Mushrooms were both lovely, but it was the White Shrimp Tartare with Caviar that stole our hearts with its fantastic flavors!

I was really looking forward to the Carabineros but it was unfortunately too salty - especially the shrimp head juice.   

The Grilled French Oyster with Creamed Spinach was amazing though - I especially loved the play on the contrast of temperature as the oyster was cold and the spinach was warm.

The Fried Hake was another highlight, but the Red Tuna with Chanterelles & Egg Yolk didn’t do much for me.

The Malarmao was again too salty while the desserts were a solid way to end the meal.

Since there were some good dishes at Cañabota, perhaps a la carte is the way to go here.

C. Orfila, 3, 41003 Sevilla, Spain
Tel: +34 954 870 298

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