[Singapore] 3* Odette by Julien Royer

Hello Singapore! Last week, I flew into Singapore from Hong Kong and it was super easy traveling into SG - no PCR test or quarantine required if you are fully vaccinated. All you need is to fill out the SG Arrival Card online within 3 days before your arrival. The time it took to go through immigration was similar to pre-Covid times. One restaurant that we had to revisit here was Odette! It’s been 5 years since my last visit and since then, the restaurant has been awarded 3* and the top spot on Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants for 2 years. Timeless and elegant with exceptional ingredients and cooking by Chef Julien Royer, we truly enjoyed our meal here. We left the menu up to the chef and since they now offer non-alcoholic pairing, we had a mixed pairing which is worth a try.

Our degustation started with a series of tasty amuse bouche including a 13 month old Comte in choux pastry, onion tart and saba taco.

Followed by the signature Mushroom Tea with cep sabayon and walnut brioche - an old favorite! 

The bread course came with 3 types of bread - truffle brioche, sourdough and baguette - all of which were fantastic.

The first course was the Marukyo Uni with red Sicilian prawn, mussel cloud and Kristal Caviar. The big dollop of caviar was served tableside which went very well with the red prawn tartare, mussel foam, and Granny Smith apple dice in the sea urchin shell. Paired with an uni toast on the side.

The second course was the Avocado Gourmandise with cucumber, sudachi and chili - a refreshing dish with such pure and refined flavors!

The Scottish Blue Lobster with Kyoto miso, endive and sake beurre blanc was my absolute favorite of this meal! The size of the lobster was impressive and cooked just right with the center still raw; the sake beurre blanc was the cherry on top.

Bouillon ‘Paysan’ with Foie Gras, abalone and shiitake - the broth is supposedly inspired by the peppery local dish bak kut teh.

Basque Country Monkfish with white asparagus, petits pois and sepla

Another definite highlight of the meal was the Pigeon ‘En Croute de Morilles’ with liver stuffed morel, wild garlic condiment and barley! The pigeon was cooked just right - slightly more on the raw side like the lobster. The consistency of cooking over the years has made Odette one of our favorite places to have pigeon.

Since pigeons are used to send letters, Chef Julien has also included a letter to diners in the leg of the pigeon.

Desserts started with a palate cleanser - La Guariguette with yogurt, lemon verbena and Vanuatu vanilla.

The main dessert was the Bergamot Ice Cream with vanilla foam and strawberry & lemongrass sauce.

Lastly the Petit Fours with: Lychee, raspberry and elderflower lollipop / Japanese seasonal fruits / Cannelle with Diplomatico rum / Chocolate tartlet

Thank you Chef Julien for the fantastic meal and hospitality! 

Odette Restaurant
1 St Andrew’s Road 
#01-04 Singapore 178957
Tel: +65 6385 0498

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