[France: Paris] 2* Table by Bruno Verjus

Rating: 4.75/5

Starting off the new year with a post about my phenomenal meal at 2* Table by Bruno Verjus in Paris! The chef is not classically trained at all but rather a self-taught chef with a career as a businessman, food writer and blogger before opening his own restaurant. He is all about sourcing the best ingredients and elevating them without distorting their flavors. Combined with creativity and exemplary cooking, it’s no wonder that Table was awarded 2 Michelin Stars and 1 Green Star in 2022.

One of the best dishes here is the signature Lobster on its Rock, served semi-raw and lightly poached in clarified butter which had been infused with its roasted shells. This in turn gave the sensation of eating a grilled lobster but without the chewy texture. Served on a ‘rock’ of tomatoes and mayonnaise sauce of nettle, capers and vinegar. Amazing dish and the best lobster I’ve ever had!

The tasting menu started off with the “Color of the Day” featuring the vegetables in season at the moment, paired with a bottarga from Greece, vegetable oil, and vinegar of vegetables

Greek Salad inspired by the chef’s travel to Greece with tomatoes, feta, onion and olive oil

Raw Red Tuna with Greek tamara dip, paired with a Vichyssoise soup with leek and cream of herbs

Fried Smelt with seaweed and Foie Gras dip

Summer Vegetables with tomatoes, zucchini, and eggplants, topped with a leaf from Swiss chard

Clams in tomato water

Cucumbers with red currant and fresh almonds

Sea Bass with fresh almonds, roasted leek, verjus with clam jus, cream infused with herbs, and caviar

Carabinero Prawn with ginger and coconut oil

This was simply the best Veal Sweetbread I've ever had - a testament to the quality of the ingredients used here! Served with lobster sauce and cucumber sprinkled with seaweed powder.

Pigeon aged in a coat of butter and duck/goose fat to make it extra tender. Served with beetroot, anchovy and pistachio.

Ice Cream made with pink pralines - a specialty from Lyon where almonds and hazelnuts are coated with pink sugar. It's a special dish that the legendary Eugenie Brazier (the first woman to win 6 Michelin stars) would make for friends on Sundays.

Pink Pralines

Chocolate Tart infused with capers and topped with caviar. The caviar acted as a salt agent and this was a terrific combination!

Madeleine with olive oil
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