[Spain: Madrid] Desde 1911 - Seafood Restaurant

Rating: 4.5/5

A tribute to the family legacy which has been importing the best seafood into Madrid since 1911, Desde 1911 offers a menu that changes daily depending on the catch of the day and the best seasonal products! Not to be missed by seafood lovers, the attention to detail doesn’t just stop at the produce - the hospitality and service here are top-notch as well. A set menu is offered here where diners can choose from 3-6 starters, followed by a single fish as the main course before rounding off with a cheese board and dessert trolley. 

Our meal started with an impressive showcase of the freshest seafood we would be having on the day of our visit.

For the first part of the meal, diners can choose 3-6 dishes from a total of 6 starters of the day and we ended up trying them all (which in hindsight was a lot of food considering we still had a whole fish as the main course). All of them were very good but my favorites were the juicy red prawns and the small squid!

Sashimi & Ceviche of Asturias’s Red Mullet

Grilled Palamos Red Prawn

Grilled Hook Small Squid “a lo Pelayo”

Seasoned Hook Hake with Squid Noodle on its Pilpil

Galician Potato Stew with Clams in Green Sauce

Galician Lobster Suquet

The star of our meal was the Ribeira’s Sea Bass in Wood Oven! The highlight was seeing the staff expertly take apart the fish and then infusing the leftover bone juices into the lemon butter sauce.

Finally we ended our meal with this massive cheese table and dessert trolley

Desde 1911
C. del Vivero, 3, 28040 Madrid, Spain
Tel: +34 915 45 72 86


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