[Singapore] Restaurant Born by Zor Tan

Rating: 4.25/5

Last meal I had in Singapore this time was at the beautiful Restaurant Born by Chef Zor Tan! A protege of Chef Andre Chiang, Chef Zor was the Executive Chef at Restaurant Andre and Sichuan Moon before opening Born. The restaurant name stands for “Best of Right Now” which celebrates the circle of life including important milestones and memories in the chef’s life. The cuisine is expressed through 9 guiding principles - Birth, Roots, Memories, Craft, Relationship, Vicissitudes, Time, Progress and Legacy.

Housed in a historic conserved building, the space is gorgeous with arches, high ceilings and an open kitchen. The menu mirrors the chef’s training - thus a blend of French techniques with Chinese flavors. I found the food technically precise and the chef’s use of spice subtle and brilliant. Personal favorites included the fried bao and the Jerusalem artichoke with Lily bulbs. Definitely one to watch and I look forward to seeing how the food evolves. Congrats on being awarded #36 on Asia’s 50 Best in the first year!
Our menu:

Winter Melon with Purple Shiso Jus
Jellyfish Pickled with Mountain Chilli
Pickled Japanese Daikon Skin

Tomato / Smoked Plum / Shiso Leaf

Chicken Skin Mille Feuille / Eggplant / Caviar

Abalone / Burnt Chilli Pesto / Garlic Crisps

Taro Puff / Salted Egg Custard / "Bottarga"

Fish Bacon / Sweet and Sour Sauce / Homemade Chilli Oil

Buri / Galangal / Daikon

"Aged" Cow / Oyster / Fried Bao

Jerusalem Artichoke / Lily Bulbs / Caviar

Chicken Liver / Smoked Oil / Morels

Monkfish / Fermented Capsicum / Chicken Fat

Fish Maw / Chinese Cabbage / Smoked Eel

Alaskan King Crab / Glutinous Rice / Crab Bisque

Pigeon / Grains / Corn

Bird's Nest / Osmanthus / Chrysanthemum

Toasted Rice / Chestnut / Sable

Sea Buckthorn Jelly
"Ispahan" Lotus
Bittergourd Bonbon
Spicy Beef Fat Financier

Restaurant Born
1 Neil Rd, #01-01, Singapore 088804
Tel: +65 9270 8718


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