[Thailand: Bangkok] Concrete Jungle at 1* Samrub Samrub

Rating: 4/5

Follow me to Samrub Samrub - founded by Chef Prin and his wife Mint with the goal of preserving lost Thai recipes and ingredients! The couple travels around Thailand extensively to explore sub-local regional Thai food culture and hyper-seasonal ingredients. The menu changes bi-monthly and the theme for our menu in December was “Concrete Jungle Food”. Aside from exploring regional Thai cuisine through the chef’s reinterpretation, the meal was also super fun with all kinds of local moonshine and (cannabis) liquor flowing throughout the meal!

Bambara ground nut with salt and white pepper

Deep fried rice field crab with garlic and grilled crab roll in the shell served with asian citrus

Deep fried great white sheatfish stuffed with shrimp paste and turmeric

Grilled spotted knifefish and sea snail dumpling in bamboo served with pickled phak naam (lasia spinosa)

Laab of tiger prawn with yellow eggplant and mint, served with fried shrimps

Hot and sour soup of wild boar with madan (sour cucumber)

Smoked chili relish with pricklv ash-tree berry with smoked crab meat, served with boiled vegetables and grilled fire spiny fish (eel) and bee larvae

Jungle curry of oyster blade beef with manila tamarind, cumin leaves and hot basil

Grilled braised baby chicken with fish sauce served with fresh chili and lime sauce

Young rice pudding and sago noodle with caramelized banana and Thai local coconut curd cake

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