[South Korea: Seoul] 2* Mingles

Rating: 4.25/5

One of the restaurants that was a must-try for me on this trip to Seoul was 2* Mingles! While I’ve been to its outpost Hangsik Goo in Hong Kong quite a few times already, this was my first time visiting Mingles which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. The difference between Mingles and Hansikgoo - as Chef Mingoo explains - is that the former is more modern while the latter leans towards traditional. However, both restaurants use “jang” (Korean fermented sauce) as the fundamental element in their cooking.

Mingles moved to its current location 4 years ago with a minimalist and elegant design. Much like its decor, the dishes may look simple but harbor complexity and depth in its flavors. Our meal was tantalizing with highlights such as the cold chestnut soup, Hanwoo beef tartare with smoked eel, zucchini rice cake tart, mingling pot (which utilized 16 different ingredients), and the fish porridge!

Strawberry, Sancho Pepper, Caviar

Sweet Potato Rice Cake
Chestnut Soup, Chestnut Chip, Truffle

Korean Seasonal Raw Fish

Fried Hairtail Fish & Gamtae Roll
Hanwoo Beef Tartare with Smoked Eel

Korean Zucchini Namul & Rice Cake Tart, Shrimp, Perilla, Turnip

MINGLING POT : Seafood Morel & Hanwoo Cabbage Mandu, Sea Cucumber, Abalone, Spinach, Acorn Jelly, Cold Brewed Anchovy Broth

Jeju Fish, Crispy Black Rice, Dried Fish Porridge, Pressed Caviar

Sticky Rice Risotto, Crab, Tomato, Sesame Oil, Caviar

Handon Soondae / Hanwoo++Korean beef), Yam, Fruit Kimchi

Noodles, Anchovy Broth

Bibimbab : Rice Ice Cream & Pudding, Soy Sauce, Sesame Oil

JANG TRIO: Doenjang Creme-brulee, Ganjang Pecan, Gochujang Puff

Sweet Pumpkin Rice Meringue & Cream, Pumpkin Sikhye Sorbet, Herb

Beautiful Korean Sweets

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