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Tung Lung Street in Causeway Bay has evolved so much in the past year turning from a desolate street with local joints to a vibrant alley occupied by international restaurants in the Midtown Soundwill Plaza and Japanese ramen shops! Some of the familiar faces are still there like my favorite cart noodle place Sun Kee but I will miss be able to sit outside eating Chiu Chow food while cars whiz by on the street. 

The latest contender on this street is The POINT which is a casual cafe that specializes in pizzas which can be cooked in 3 minutes with a 300°C stone oven! The location is fairly easy to find considering that it is right on the corner where the mini bus to Stanley is located. The decor was bright, smart and modern with high chairs and tables in the middle along with an open kitchen where you can see the action of the stone pizza oven.

I almost did a double take the other day when I saw this restaurant as I didn't even notice that the old hot pot restaurant was gone already! Hong Kong is really fast with its construction sometimes.

Besides pizzas, the restaurant also serve salads, pastas and main dishes. 

Margherita ($128) - with burrata mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, basil and tomato sauce. The pizzas served here are thin crust style with a crunchy base and emphasis on toppings. Those looking for more flavorful and chewy crusts may be disappointed, but overall the pizzas were well-made here with fresh and flavorful toppings. 

Roman ($138) - with Parma ham, sliced figs and argula. I loved the use of fig here to balance out the saltiness of the Parma ham but it would better if the figs were sweeter. 

Forest ($118) - with wild mushrooms, sliced potatoes, roasted garlic, arugula and truffle cream. This was my favorite pizza as it was very aromatic while the flavor combos really worked here. I especially love the roasted garlic cloves where were so yummy to eat!

Vongole ($128) - with clams, chili and white wine. The clams were fresh, sweet and juicy while the pasta was surprisingly spicy! I liked the spiciness but would have liked more clam juice in the sauce as well to bring out the clam flavors. 

Bolognese ($128) - egg porn! With Ragu and hot spring egg, the bolognese satisfying with its meaty sauce. 

Carbonara ($118) - with cream, egg and pancetta. The sauce needed to be creamier for a carbonara as it was too dry at the moment but I loved the pancetta bits (more please!). 

Chicken Lollipops ($78) - with chicken wings and honey BBQ sauce. Loved this juicy chicken wings and the sweet sauce combo!

Fish ($148) - salmon cooked via stone oven roasted on wood plank. The salmon surpassed my expectations as it was well cooked with a flaky texture while nicely seasoned. Would have been nicer if it had a more acidic agent like lemon juice on it for example.

Chicken ($168) - roasted French spring chicken with rosemary. For the price, the quality of this dish was fantastic as the chicken was very moist and succulent with subtle flavors. I wasn't so hot on the accompanying black pepper sauce though as it reminded me of the sauce you get at HK style cafes which kind of cheapens the flavors of this dish. 

Onto my favorite part of the meal - desserts! We were lucky that we got to try this roasted banana and marshmallow pizza with vanilla ice cream and chocolate & caramel sauce ($68) which is usually available from 2:30-6pm as part of the afternoon tea menu. Holy smokes it was like eating a banana split, s'mores and pizza all at the same time! This was just genius!

 Chocolate Lava ($58) - molten cake with gelato. The molten cake was a bit disappointing though as the chocolate wasn't as flowing as I'd like it to be while the cake can be fluffier. I'd also prefer the use of ice cream to gelato as well as I think the richness of the ice cream would balance the thick textures of the chocolate better.

Verdict  - for the price, the value for money and quality is definitely high at The POINT while the variety of options on the menu will appeal to the crowds. I'd definitely be back for the roasted banana and marshmallow pizza!

The POINT Pizza + Pasta
52 Tung Lung Street, Causeway Bay
Tel: 2947 3866

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