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I've been a fan of Lab Made's liquid nitrogen ice cream since its humble beginnings in Tai Hang which has since spawned into multiple location around Hong Kong and now 2 newly launched Lab Made Cafes in Tsuen Wan and Causeway Bay! Most of Lab Made's stores are for takeaways only with limited seating so I was intrigued by this new cafe concept where customers can now sit and enjoy ice cream, cakes and coffee. I went to check out the Lab Made Cafe one night after dinner located on the ground floor of Midtown Soundwill Plaza where it shares an entrance with Jamie Oliver's restaurant. 

The cafe had around 4 small tables on the inside where each can seat 2-3 people comfortably. Besides its ice cream counter located on the outside of the cafe, it also has a counter on the inside where you can order coffee and cakes as well!

For drinks, its signature offering would have to be the House Blend Valrhona Hot Chocolate but they also have standard coffee offerings available like cappuccino, latte, mocha, etc.

To be honest, I really wanted to come here to try its cakes - especially the Volcano Cake! Some of the cakes can sell out due to limited quantity everyday so it's best to come here early if you want the best of the picks. This is actually my second visit because the first time I came here the Volcano Cake wasn't available. 

House Blend Signature Valrhona Hot Chocolate ($36) - you have a choice of having the regular version or less sweet version so I went with the less sweet cuppa which had a more intense chocolate flavors without being too sweet or heavy. I think that a cup of hot cocoa is perfect for warming up to the chilly and wet weather recently!

HK Crispy Toast ($44) - this flavor pleasantly surprised me because I was skeptical of turning toast into ice cream flavor but it worked! With a strong peanut butter flavor as base as well as crunchy bits of peanuts and bread, the ice cream really did remind of me eating crispy toast with a spread of peanut butter and condense milk.

Sea Salted Caramel with Chocolate Crisps ($44) - this was a bit disappointing because the caramel flavor wasn't evident at all but at least the sea salt taste did come through. 

Lab Made Liquid Nitrogen Volcano Cake ($88) - the volcano cake is comprised of chocolate mousse and a layer of sponge cake at the bottom with a pocket for dry ice which forms a bubbling sensation when you pour the jar of honey sauce into it. It was a really fun dessert to look at and eat but can taste too sweet and heavy due to the large amount of dense chocolate mousse. Best to share with at least 2-3 friends!

Lab Made Cafe
G/F Midtown Soundwill Plaza II
1-29 Tung Lung Street, Causeway Bay
Tel: 2670 0071

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  1. The ferrero flavour is too good to be true!
    Have you tried any of their other cakes?

    1. Oh I missed the ferrero flavor one! No I haven't tried their other cakes yet as they were all sold out already when I went. They did tell me that banana custard is one of the more popular ones.


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