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Rating: ❤❤❤1/2

Located at the Fenwick Pier in Wan Chai, Quayside is a harbor front restaurant serving French cuisine with international flavors. This was my first time visiting Fenwick Pier and the location is a bit hard to get to unless you have car since it is not near any public transport. However, it is only a 10-15 minute walk from the Wan Chai MTR station - just walk towards The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and Fenwick Pier is located on the other side of the school. Once you get there, you will be rewarded with 7,000 sq ft of indoor and outdoor dining space along with a view of the harbor and neighboring cityscape! Too bad I visited at night so I couldn't see the view clearly but nonetheless most people seemed to prefer to sit outside even at night. 

With a new Executive chef on board, I was here to try its new spring menu featuring contemporary French dishes with a twist!

Quayside Breeze ($90) - with vodka, lychee liqueur, cranberry juice, pineapple juice and dash of grenadine. It was a sweet and lovely cocktail to start the night with!

Quayside Salad ($138) - with fresh figs, rocket, parma ham, crispy parmesan cheese and hazelnut. I love anything with figs on it and while the figs could be sweeter, the salad as a whole was quite refreshing in taste.

Marinated Hokkaido Scallops ($198) - with black truffle dressing, crispy potatoes and fresh ginger. The smell of the truffle was tantalizing which went well with the sweet and juicy scallops.

French Onion Soup ($108) - homemade served with crouton and topped with crispy emmental cheese galette. This was a smaller version of the regular portion which could serve 2-3 people. Love the abundant amount of onions in the soup while that crispy cheese galette was a nice twist to this classic dish!

Le Tartare ($188) - hand chopped beef tenderloin seasoned with pickled capers, gherkins, shallots, parsley and "Quayside" special sauce. I love beef tartare and while the beef could be chunkier, I love the special sauce which made the beef quite spicy!

Grilled "Piri Piri" French Chicken ($238) - whole french yellow chicken served with king oyster mushrooms, roasted eggplants, coriander, green apples and homemade chili paste. Piri Piri is a chili pepper from Africa which lent a spicy kick in flavors to the chicken which was moist and soft. 

"Ten Spiced" Rubbed NZ Lamb Chops ($268) - rubbed with "ten spices" mixture served with crispy coconut rice cake, pickled shallots, saffron pickled cauliflowers and lime yogurt. My favorite dish of the night! This was another spicy dish that was impressive in its creativeness while trying to incorporate Asian flavors into the dish and successfully making the flavors work together. 

Pan Seared Red Snapper ($288) - served on a bed of red bell pepper jam together with roasted corn and fregola pasta. The snapper was nicely cooked but I enjoyed the chewy fregola pasta even more! 

Pan Seared French Duck Leg Confit ($248) - a revisited version of the classic French Cassoulet served with pancetta, white bean ragout and persillade. While I applaud the attempt at revamping this classic dish with a ragout, I'm not sure they entirely went together that well plus the duck confit was a tad dry as well.

"Flambe" Baked Alaska ($88) - with strawberry sorbet and vanilla ice cream on a bed of homemade sponge cake topped with brulee meringe and fruits salad. The Baked Alaska I've had in the past usually has a layer of firm and crunchy meringue on the outside but the one here was actually quite soft and chewy so it tasted more like a marshmallow which was intriguing in its own way.

Truffon ($88) - a delicious balance of meringe, chocolate ganache and chocolate mousse, pistachio gelato, grilled pistachio and kirch cherry jam. The combination of chocolate and pistachio is just perfect!

Banana and Caramel in Three Ways ($88) - praline crusted banana gelato, banana and NY Cheesecake in crispy puff pastry, hazelnut britte and salty caramel sauce. I enjoyed all three of the creations - great for banana lovers!

Verdict - overall, the food was pretty good in terms of its quality and creativity while the prices are fair - it's not cheap but it's not going to break the bank either. Its Sunday "Al fresco" brunch, on the other hand, seems like a great deal starting from $288 including buffet, 1 main, dessert and coffee while you have to option to add free flow beer and prosecco for $138 or red, white and rose wine for $158 - available from 11am-4pm on Sundays! 

* By Invitation

G/F, Fenwick Pier
1 Lung King Street, Wan Chai
Tel: 2661 6708

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  1. This is the second time in a short while that I've heard good things about Quayside - it's bookmarked and I should really go and try it soon!

    1. that's great! try and let me know what you think. =)


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