[Hong Kong] Lady M is in Hong Kong!

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Lady M has built quite a strong following with its fresh and high quality handmade cakes in New York, Los Angeles and even in Asia. No longer does Hong Kong have to be envious of its neighbors in Seoul and Singapore though because we just got our very own Lady M cake shop in Harbour City! Located on the 2/F of Ocean Terminal, the cake shop is in an open area in the middle of the mall with a big cake display counter and a seating area with mostly small tables for dining in. 

I was lucky enough to be invited for a preview of the shop and its marvelous array of cakes the day before it was scheduled to be opened! Besides its signature mille crepes, they also offer cheesecake, mont blanc, tarts and puff pastry cakes with 12 selections in total. Prices range from $58 to $75 per slice with options to buy a whole 6" or 9" cakes.

Honestly it was hard to choose which cakes I wanted to try because I wanted to try them all but the Green Tea Mille Crepes was definitely a must-try for me with its paper thin handmade crepes layered with green tea accented pastry cream and dusted with premium Japanese green tea powder. In the past, I've had mille crepes that were too thick and hard but this was by far the best that I've had as the crepe layers were soft while the cream was deliciously fresh and light!

($75/slice | $480/6"cake | $750/9"cake) 

Look at those layers - I think there are supposed to be no less than 20 layers!

The Citron Mille Crepes is a seasonal offering with fresh lemon cream topped with powdered sugar and garnished with candied lemon zest. I loved this flavor as well as the lemon cream was very refreshing with its sweet and tangy flavors!

($75/slice | $750/9"cake) 

I was attracted by the gorgeous appearance of the Banana Mille Feuilles with its flaky puff pastry and light whipped cream with layers of vanilla sponge cake and fresh bananas. The flavors were light and straightforward but what really stood out for me was how wonderfully sweet the perfectly ripe banana chunks were in the cake!

($68/slice | $680/9"cake) 

I saved the best for last with this award-winning Gateau Nuage which means "cloud cake". I was totally walking on cloud 9 after devouring this wondrous cheesecake with a whipped cheesecake filling topped with a light sour cream finishing which was heavenly to eat. The graham cracker crust was just cherry on top with a hint of spicy cinnamon touch!

($68/slice | $680/9"cake) 

Verdict - while prices may not be cheap, the top notch quality of the cakes are definitely worth it! Lady M will definitely be one of my go-to places for cakes in Hong Kong!

* By Invitation

Lady M
Level 2, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City
7-27 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

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