[Hong Kong] Linguini Fini - Release Your Inner Beast with Beast Feast

Release your inner beast with this newly launched Beast Feast - a family style menu that applies Linguini Fini's nose to tail philosophy where nothing goes to waste! The star of this menu is a whole roasted suckling pig with sausage stuffing and it is currently available for parties of 6 or more for $458 per person. The family style menu is perfect for big groups of friends and family as well as for parties.

Beast Feast Menu
Garlic Bread
Insalata Mista
Fresh Homemade Burrata

Whole Sausage Stuffed Suckling Pig
Classic Linguini Fini Pomodori
Roasted Vegetables & Homemade Pickles

Apple Pie with Lily & Ran Vanilla Ice Cream

I love Garlic Bread and the bread was crispy and delicious with a generous amount of garlic butter. It came with a spicy clam broth that had a rather cute clam on the side as a decoration but I didn't think it added much to the bread though. 

Linguini Fini is known to source all of their vegetables from local organic farms and the Insalata Mista with greens, vegetables and roasted garlic was refreshing to eat especially with the addition of balsamic vinaigrette.

The Homemade Burrata with organic tomatoes, basil and 30 year balsamico was a bit light in flavor and I think it could have used more tomato and balsamic vinegar.

Their pasta never disappoints and the Homemade Linguini Fini with pomodoro was simple yet solid. 

Finally the star of the menu arrived and there was a collective awe at the Suckling Pig which was showcased to us as a whole! I couldn't wait to try just by looking at the golden color of the crispy skin and after we finished taking pictures, the kitchen took it back to cut the suckling pig for us. 

The suckling pig had an abundant amount of sausage stuffing while served with red fennel, red onion and chili mostarda. I really loved eating the crispy skin of the suckling pig while the stuffing was delicious as well. 

We wrapped up our meal with the ever classic Caramel Apple Pie with vanilla ice cream. I loved the use of whole apple chunks under the crispy pastry while the caramel was irresistible with the ice cream!

* By Invitation

Linguini Fini
49 Elgin Street, Central
Tel: 2387 6338

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