[Hong Kong] Bun Cha Vietnamese - Best Pho in Hong Kong!

Rating: ❤❤❤❤

It's hard to find a good bowl of pho in Hong Kong for some reason and I thought BEP was the answer but in Hong Kong where the restaurant scene is ever changing, we have a new contender in town! Located on the steep slope of Aberdeen Street, Bun Cha is an authentic Vietnamese restaurant that has generated buzz lately among my foodie friends so I came here with J for lunch one day! The restaurant is cozy and no-frills with only 5-6 small tables and simple furnishings.
Bun Cha Vietnamese

I was running late and J had already ordered the Cha Nem ($88) first which were Vietnamese fried spring rolls with pork, shrimp, fresh herbs and lettuce to wrap. The spring rolls were very crispy and totally delicious but I thought the price was a bit steep for 3 pieces of spring roll only. 
Bun Cha Vietnamese spring rolls

It's also hard to find a good Vietnamese sandwich in HK so I got the Banh Mi to try ($60) but they only offered one flavor which was with pork belly, liver pate, pickles carrot, cucumber, cilantro and mayo. I thought the grilled pork was rather bland and not seasoned enough while the pate was also quite faint in flavor. It's just not up to par to the banh mi I've had in San Francisco while I also personally prefer the sandwich with cured pork cold cuts and pork rolls. 
Bun Cha Vietnamese banh mi sandwich

Finally the Pho Bo ($68) arrived with thin sliced sirloin cooked medium rare and I have to agree that this is the best bowl of pho yet in HK! The broth was very pure yet packed with flavors compared to the one at BEP which was a bit too sweet while the beef was super soft and tender. It was still hot outside when I consumed this so just imagined how good this bowl will be in the winter time!
Bun Cha Vietnamese pho noodles

Verdict - a definite YES on the pho but I'd pass on the banh mi.

Bun Cha Vietnamese Cafe & Restaurant
41-49 Aberdeen Street, Sheung Wan
Tel: 2858 1900

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