[Hong Kong] Tang's Cuisine 唐宮壹號

Rating: ❤❤❤❤

Wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year! If you are still looking for a place to eat with family or friends, consider Tang's Cuisine (唐宮壹號) in Hopewell Center whose sister restaurant Social Place (唐宮小聚) is a social media darling with its cute-looking dim sum. While the food at Social Place looks good, I thought the flavors were not that refined but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the Cantonese cuisine at Tang's Cuisine which I felt was like a more grown-up version of Social Place that is suitable for the whole family. It still exhibits some of the same quirkiness as its younger sister with bird cage seating areas and unique dishes offered at reasonable prices.

The decor at the restaurant was sophisticated and modern with a light color palette and metallic furnishings while the spacing between tables was comfortable. 

We came here on the weekend where Hong Kong was at it coldest this year at 2°C so this hearty Conch and Chicken Feet Soup ($588/serving for 4) served well in warming us up immediately!

I've never had zucchini like this before and not only was the Zucchini Basket ($42) a joy to look at, it tasted refreshing light and fresh with the accompanying tart vinegar and garlic sauce. I don't usually like eating vegetables but I wouldn't mind eating this everyday.

The presentation of the Goose Liver Cubes with Red Wine ($168) was a little bit over the top as it arrived sitting on a mountain of crushed ice that had been drizzled with red wine(?). As you can imagine, ice was the last thing we wanted to see that night given the freezing weather but the goose liver cubes actually tasted really good though as the texture was mousse-light and smooth while the flavor was not too fatty or heavy.

The restaurant is currently doing a promotion for its Roast Pigeon where each diner gets half of a pigeon for free at dinner while the price for one is only $38! They only choose baby pigeons that are around 20 days old so its flesh is super tender while the outside is roasted to a crispy state.

The Noodles Tossed with Crab Meat and Scallion Oil ($58) was incredibly gratifying as the scallion oil was enticingly aromatic and flavorful which coated each strand of noodle entirely.

We also tried some of its dim sum offerings with the Deep-fried Roast Goose Pie ($60/5pcs) which is shaped like a swan (goose?) and the festive "Good Luck" Shrimp Dumpling with Yuzu ($40/3pcs) that is shaped like a mandarin. Both looked and tasted good but I was more impressed with the integration of yuzu with shrimp which was a surprising combination.

Lastly, we each enjoyed two shots of vegetable juices to help with digestion. The green tube contained choy sum and lime while the red was beets and pineapple which were both appetizing to drink!

*By Invitation

Tang's Cuisine 唐宮壹號
8/F, Hopewell Centre
138 Queen's Road East, Wan Chai
Tel: +852 2180 6532

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