[Tokyo] Ginza Kagari 銀座 篝 - Tori Paitan Ramen

Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤

Since I was visiting Tokyo in the winter, I was totally craving for a bowl of piping hot ramen one afternoon and set about to look for the best place to visit when I chanced upon Ginza Kagari which is named as one of the 5 must-visit ramen shops by Ivan Orkin. Given Ginza is known as an upscale shopping area, who would have thought that you would find a tiny 8-seater ramen shop in a back alley serving quite possibly the best creamy chicken broth ramen (tori-paitan) yet! We arrived around 2pm on a weekday and there was still a short queue in front of the shop which bears a big noticeable "Soba" sign. Even though they open until 3:30pm for lunch, they eventually cut off the line to ensure they can accommodate everyone and close on time I guess. 

While we waiting in line, we were handed a menu with both Japanese and English on it so that our orders can be taken before we set foot into the shop. Kagari offers two types of broth - the first which is the famous rich and creamy chicken broth (tori-paitan) that mostly everyone orders and the second which is the dark and savory niboshi-shoyu made with dried sardines and soy sauce. J and I ended up ordering one of each and added our choice of toppings which was a soft-boiled egg and bamboo shoots. 

When it was our turn to go inside the ramen shop, we had to navigate our way through the narrow space to our seats where we were handed a paper bib (nice touch!) before our ramen was served to us. The Tori-Paitan was heavenly with rich and thick flavors which were very well-balanced while I was impressed with the chicken breast meat served with it which was still slightly rare in the center and super tender!

Although everyone comes here for the chicken broth, we fell in love with the Niboshi-Shoyu which had a even more complex and savory flavor! Topped with roast pork and beef, the broth was deliciously addictive while the noodles were fine and delicate. The roast beef that is highly recommended here ended up to be quite chewy and not that impressive compared to the chicken breast. 

Don't miss the Grilled Rice Ball with butterbur miso paste served with mentaiko and fish broth consomme as well!

Ginza Kagari 銀座 篝
4-4-1 Ginza Chuo Tokyo 
東京都 中央区 銀座 4-4-1 銀座Aビル


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