[Hong Kong] TABLE Ingredient Based Cuisine - 淨化海鮮

Rating: ❤❤❤1/2

I had a dinner date with several girlfriends on a Monday night so we decided to pick a restaurant from AsiaXPAT's Super Mondays promotion where diners can enjoy 2 for 1 on mains which is how we ended up at TABLE - a restaurant that is the first in Hong Kong to depurate live seafood to remove impurities from the animal. It is supposedly like giving a spa treatment to the seafood by placing them in a tank that mimics their natural habitat for a few days which allows it to filter out its metabolic wastes and results in better taste. 

Located on the 8/F, the boutique restaurant was almost like a private kitchen with its quiet ambiance and homely decor while its menu contains a mix of seafood and meat dishes that is inspired by French, Spanish, Mediterranean, Japanese and Korean flavors. For the 2 for 1 offer, we could only choose from 4 specific main courses of which 3 were meat dishes while 1 was pasta - it was a bit disappointing since I was hoping to try more of its seafood dishes, but we did end up choosing 2 of the meat mains for the deal.

After we placed our orders, we started with some bread which came with a delicious tomato and vinegar spread that was addictive to eat.

Our amuse bouche was a deep-fried cheese ball topped with caviar which was tasty with a spicy sauce at its base. 

One of my friends had reserved this Kanjang Gejang ($268) in advance which is a Korean style soy marinated raw mud crab that took 6 days to depurate and cure. The taste was decent but compared to the ones I had in Seoul, the crab here was much smaller with little roe and meat while the price was a bit high as well. 

The Hokkaido Uni Angel Hair ($248) was from their daily specials menu and I thought it was pretty good as the fresh sea urchin served as a nice creamy sauce for the pasta. 

The Iberico Boneless Lamb Leg Medallion ($268/6oz) had a bouncy texture with a slight gamey taste. It wasn't bad but I wasn't in love with it. 

On the other hand, the Grilled Pluma Iberico ($368/6oz) was much more impressive as it used the meat from neck of Iberian Bellota pigs which was slow cooked then charred. The pork was super tender and flavorful,and went perfeclty well with the red chimmichurri sauce.

Verdict - the food at the TABLE on the whole was nicely executed albeit a bit pricey for the portions. Service was really good and attentive as we were here to celebrate my friend's birthday and they helped us plated the mini cakes with no extra charge. 

8/F, The Pemberton
22-26 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan
Tel: +852 2815 2367

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