[Amsterdam] De Kas - Farm to Table in a Beautiful Greenhouse But...

Rating: ❤❤1/2

De Kas is a farm-to-table restaurant set in a beautiful greenhouse at the Frankendael Park. The founder and owner Gert Jan Hageman converted the old Amsterdam's Municipal Nursery into the gorgeous 8 meter glass house restaurant and nursery that it is today back in 2001, and the restaurant has generated rave reviews over the years. With a focus on the freshest possible ingredients, De Kas doesn't have set dishes but rather one daily menu that changes base on the harvest of its nursery. We came here for dinner one night where the 3 course prix fixe dinner menu costs €49.50, but while the setting inside the glasshouse was certainly breathtaking, the food was another story. The food was simply lackluster as the flavors and ingredient combinations were not really harmonious with each other, and since the restaurant is a bit far from the city center, I'm not really sure that De Kas is worth the trek considering the quality of the food for the price. 

Our night got off to a great start as we were dropped off by the entrance of the park and we had to cross this picturesque bridge to reach the restaurant. The sun doesn't set until 9pm in Amsterdam during this time so it looked like day time even though we were there for dinner.

We took a peek at the nursery as we were walking into the restaurant. 

The expansive restaurant can seat up to 140 people and can make a great location for a wedding or any type of celebration.

We were given some pickled appetizers and bread first before our starters. 

The first of three mini starters was a chilled cucumber soup with mustard seed and mint oil. The chilled soup was refreshing to drink in summer time but the flavors didn't really pop though. 

The next starter was a grilled octopus with pepper dressing. The octopus wasn't crispy enough on the outside and tender enough on the inside while the sweet pepper dressing didn't do much to enhance the flavor of the octopus. 

The last starter was a mix of vegetables with buffalo mozzarella and almonds.

Our main course was lamb with white asparagus. The lamb was a bit tough and could have been more tender - I couldn't finish it to be honest. I've had a lot of white asparagus over the past couple of weeks, and the flavor here was relatively flat while not well integrated with the lamb.

I was looking forward to the dessert since I'm a sweets person but while the lemon cake with strawberry sorbet looked promising, the lemon cake was too dry - I rarely do not finish desserts but I couldn't finish the lemon cake at all. 

De Kas
Kamerlingh Onneslaan 3 
1097 DE Amsterdam, Netherlands
Tel: +31 20 462 4562

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