[Hong Kong] BOND - Cheese Wheel Pasta in Tai Hang

Rating: ❤❤❤1/2

Tai Hang has always been one of my favorite hunting grounds for hidden gem cafes, dessert shops and local comfort food, and with the opening of Little Tai Hang (a new complex with hotel, serviced apartments and restaurants), there will be even more reasons to visit this quaint neighborhood! One of the new restaurant concepts is BOND which aims to bond the local community by providing classic Western comfort food at affordable prices. Located on the 2/F, the restaurant is comfortably spacious with a bar and dining room plus an outdoor lounge that is perfect for escaping from this hectic city. 

We started with the Beetroot Salad ($88) with goat cheese and orange which was light and refreshing to eat. 
bond tai hang hong kong beetroot salad

The Deep-fried Calamari ($98) with zucchini had a deliciously light and crispy batter but I thought that the honey mint yogurt dip was a bit too sweet. 
bond tai hang hong kong calamari

The French Onion Soup ($78) with toast and Gruyere cheese smelled absolutely enticing but the soup itself could have been more flavorful.
bond tai hang hong kong french onion soup

We saw the Table Side Spaghetti in 24 month Parmesan Cheese Wheel ($198) being wheeled around while we were eating our appetizers so we were pretty excited when it was finally our turn! The cheese wheel had to be prepped first with a torch to melt the cheese with Bicardi rum before tossing the pasta in it with black truffle and Tasmanian black pepper. The result was a heavenly rich mixture of spaghetti and cheese with a hint of spice, and even though some of my dining companions thought it was a bit salty, I thought the flavors were just right for me. This is a dish that you don't want to take pictures for too long or else the melted cheese will dry out and make it hard to eat!
bond tai hang hong kong cheese wheel pasta

bond tai hang hong kong cheese wheel pasta

bond tai hang hong kong cheese wheel pasta

bond tai hang hong kong cheese wheel pasta

bond tai hang hong kong cheese wheel pasta

The Fresh Seafood with Homemade Strozzapreti ($268) with scallops, clams, squid, prawns and chili flakes is another great option for pasta as the seafood were all perfectly cooked while the pasta was delightfully chewy.
bond tai hang hong kong seafood strozzapreti

For mains, the Sea Bass in Clam and Saffron Stew ($220) is a solid choice as the fish was nicely cooked with a crispy skin.
bond tai hang hong kong sea bass

The Slow-cooked USDA Baby Back Ribs ($230) had been slathered with a homemade BBQ sauce which contained a number of spices and is perfect for sharing.
bond tai hang hong kong baby back ribs

I don't know how but we ended up trying 3 desserts even though we were stuffed with the Seven Layer Chocolate Cake ($68), Thai Milk Tea Creme Brulee ($68) and Tiramisu ($78). It was a close tie for me between the chocolate cake and creme brulee but the Seven Layer Chocolate Cake won my heart with a rich chocolaty mousse, hint of rum and crunchy crust!
bond tai hang hong kong desserts

bond tai hang hong kong chocolate cake

*By Invitation

BOND Restaurant & Bar 
2/F, 98 Tung Lo Wan Road, Tai Hang
Tel: +852 2155 1777

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