[Bangkok] Soei Restaurant ร้านเส่ย

Rating: ❤❤❤❤

We hopped over to Bangkok for a few days and went straight to Soei after landing for a late lunch! Soei was highly recommended for its intensely flavored Thai food and they are most famous for its deep-fried mackerel cheeks which requires advance reservation due to its popularity. The restaurant wasn't located near any BTS (sky train) station so we ubered there which took a while due to the traffic (Bangkok is notorious for its taxi scams so I highly recommend using Uber to get around instead).  

Soei had both indoor and outdoor seating and we opted to sit indoor as it was much cooler inside. The decor was definitely no frills and reminded me of dai pai dongs in Hong Kong. They actually had an English menu to my surprise and the blog post from Mark Weins was super helpful too so communicating with the staff wasn't too hard. 

The first thing we had to get was the Kaem Pla Too Tod (deep fried mackerel fish cheeks)! We didn't call ahead to reserve one and as it turned out, we didn't really need to because they had one available for us anyways. The fish cheeks (face?) were really something special and unbelievably delicious as they were super airy and crunchy to eat. It was worth coming all the way here just for this!

J loves Laab Moo (spicy pork salad) so we got one here to try and the flavors were on point here as well. 

I love Tom Yum Gung so we ordered one to try but we made the mistake of ordering "Thai spicy" when they asked us how spicy we wanted it to be. Now we love spicy food and we thought we could handle the spiciness but the soup ended up being too sour and too spicy for us to finish. Tip #1 in Thailand - never overestimate your tolerance of spiciness!

The Boo Neem Pad Pongari (soft shell crab curry) was another highly recommended dish but the flavors were a bit too intense for me.  

We were still a bit hungry and ordered the Pad Woon Sen Kratiem Dong as we wanted something that wasn't spicy and easier on the stomach after all that intense flavors. 

I was glad to have eaten at Soei as my first meal in Bangkok with its authentic and flavorful food. Price-wise, it's not the cheapest in Bangkok as the dishes range from 100-250 THB but it will feel cheap compared to HK or wherever you're visiting from. The cooking does take a while as there is only one chef who does all the cooking so be patient and you will be rewarded with some of the best fried mackerel fish cheeks ever!

Soei Restaurant ร้านเส่ย
Tel: +66 81 563 3131

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