[Hong Kong] Sukiyaki Mori すき焼森

Rating: ❤❤❤❤ (4/5)

I hardly eat Japanese food in Hong Kong because of my frequent travels to Japan but I decided to make an exception for Sukiyaki Mori - an authentic sukiyaki and shabu shabu restaurant opened by Japanese Chef Mori-san. One of my friends D had recently visited for lunch and raved about it so I requested to go with her again along with another girlfriend G. We booked the counter at first but they told us that they needed to move our appointment to half an hour later because they couldn't handle the lunch crowd that day so we got bumped to a table instead. It worked out at the end since it was easier to talk across the table instead of the counter for three people, and we still had a dedicated chef prepare our sukiyaki right at our table. For lunch you can choose from lunch sets which starts from HK$150-280 but we decided to go for the Sukiyaki Set (HK$580) to get the full experience.

We started our meal with a mini salad and chawanmushi before the chef brought out the main star of the meal - a platter of marbled beef and vegetables that we would be eating for our sukiyaki.

Our platter of beef included three different cuts which were all paired with different vegetables. Each sequence started with the cooking of the vegetables first and followed by the beef with a sprinkle of sugar and drizzle of sweet soy sauce. A bowl of raw beaten egg yolk was provided so we can dip the beef into it as we wish (highly recommended!).

For the final act, we were offered a sinfully delicious scrambled egg and beef served over rice with soup and pickles. A flavorful matcha ice cream concluded our satisfying meal in the best way possible. 

Sukiyaki Mori offers a great way to experience authentic Kansai-style sukiyaki in Hong Kong. The deliberate plating and manner of serving were similar to what I had experienced in Japan, and for the reasonable prices they are charging, it's definitely worth a try!

Sukiyaki Mori すき焼森

66 Hollywood Road, Central
Tel: +852 2833 6032

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