[Hong Kong] Nikushou 肉匠 - A Meatchelin Yakiniku

Rating: ❤❤❤❤1/2 (4.5/5)

The second dinner I had with my visiting foodie friend was at Nikushou - a premium yakiniku restaurant serving all sorts of beef from Japan! The owner sources the beef directly from Japan himself and so we were able to try many rare cuts that cannot be found elsewhere in Hong Kong. Each cut requires a slightly different cooking time and method but it’s all cooked in front of you by the staff here so all you have to worry about is how much beef you can stuff into your belly! Aside from the fantastic food which we all thought deserved a "Meatchelin" star, I was also impressed with the modern decor and the ventilation as we didn't smell like beef afterwards. I hear that you can order set menus here but since my friend is a serious meat lover, we let the owner choose the cuts for us and we ended up trying 11 different types of beef (out of total 17 available)!

First off, how cute is this wooden chopstick holder in the shape of a cow!

Before diving straight into yakiniku, we had this crab and taro appetizer which was really good - demonstrating that the kitchen here is just as capable as its ingredients.  

The Kobe Tomosankaku was meant to be eaten as a sashimi - one as is and one topped with sea urchin.

Now onto the main program of the night - yakiniku! We were provided with simple seasonings on the side such as salt, wasabi, sauce and lemon juice but to be honest, most of the beef didn't really need it since they were so full of flavors already.

Beef tongue is always an item I look forward to in yakiniku and the Australian Tongue here was no exception.

Kobe Ranboso and Matsuzaka Tougarashi

The Kobe Misuji, Matsuzaka Kurashita and Hida Zabuton was one of my favorite series of the night as its fattiness rendered into a delicious juicy coating of the beef after being cooked. 

The Tochigi Fillet Katsu is an off-menu item that should not be missed - the tenderness and flavors were simple irresistible!

The Kobe Ichibo Kamameshi was another standout of the night as the beef was served with Japanese rice drizzled with pure Japanese egg yolk and sprinkled with black truffle on top - talk about a gluttonous combination!

Another special treat we had was this 66 month Yamagata Ribeye from a female cow. Female cows are prized for its flavor and more rare (and expensive) compared to males - case in point, most of the specialty steak houses in Japan like Shima mainly uses female cows. And oh yes it was super delicious!


Even though we were pretty full by this point, we were enticed to try the Kumamoto Sirloin Nikushouyaki which was served with a beaten egg yolk, and boy were we glad to try it! The silkiness of the egg yolk went perfectly with this flavorful piece of meat - it was like a bite of heaven!

Lastly, we had fresh Japanese fruits and homemade ice cream to round off the night. 

If you like meat, beef and most of all yakiniku, Nikushou is definitely not to be missed!


22/F, Zing!, 38 Yiu Wah Street, Causeway Bay
Tel: +852 2387 2878

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