[Hong Kong] Fish School with Chef Chris Ma

Rating: ❤❤❤❤1/4 (4.25/5)

It's been awhile since I have visited Fish School, but my latest meal may be the best one yet! I had a great time chatting with Executive Chef Chris Ma who has put in a lot of time and effort to source good and interesting ingredients in Hong Kong. Each morning he selects the best seafood available from his network of fishermen so the menu changes daily. We got to try a lot of interesting dishes where the chef incorporated local culinary traditions in his western cooking. 

The Lobster Popcorn with lemon syrup and salted egg yolk has always been one of my favorite things to get here. This was the only dish we repeated - everything else we tried that night was completely new.

The Marinaded Sardine with rye cracker and sour onion was made with fresh sardines that the chef got from the market that morning.

The Mosaic of Cobia pressed with seaweed, pickles and buttermilk was another favorite. I loved the flavor of seaweed here and the look reminded me of a dish I had at Geranium in Copenhagen.

The Squid "Tagliatelle" was definitely one of the most impressive dishes of the night - it was made with a special type of local squid that is not always available. Slightly spicy, the texture of the squid noodles was just perfect.

The Abalone baked with garlic chive butter in "escargot" style was pretty creative - I never thought that escargot flavor would work with abalone but they really did go together well here.

The Smoked Pigeon with plum jam and blackberry vinaigrette was another impressive dish as it had been aged for 3 days and then smoked. The texture was interesting as it was a bit chewier than usual like a jerky almost.

The Fish Maw was a special treat from the chef who said that the fish maw had been sitting at the restaurant for 2 years and he had been saving them for people who can appreciate it. As a very traditional Chinese ingredient, it was appropriately prepared with Chinese vegetable - choy sum.

Aged Threadfin with slow roasted with smoked sardine, anchovy and parsley.

The Drunken Chicken was marinated in Shaoxing wine and then grilled - it was my first time eating drunken chicken where it was crispy instead of steamed which I thought was quite special.

Desserts were also impressive here especially this Tofu Millefeuille with soy milk skin, white sesame and lime. It’s basically like a Chinese dessert but reconstructed in the form of a millefeuille (look closely, the “pastry” is actually crispy soy milk skin).

The Goat Milk Ice Cream with goat milk ice cream, local figs, walnut mousse was another lovely dessert. I'm usually not a fan of goat milk but the ice cream here tasted more like yogurt actually.

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Fish School

100 Third Street, Sai Ying Pun
Tel: +852 2361 2966


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