[Hong Kong] Xin Rong Ji 新榮記 - 1* Taizhou Cuisine

Rating: ❤❤❤❤1/2 (4.5/5)

I've been hearing a lot of good things about Xin Rong Ji 新榮記 - an import from China serving Taizhou cuisine (台州菜)! Taizhou is located in the Zhejiang province facing the East China Sea and is known for its seafood. Hence unlike a typical Cantonese menu, there are very little meat or poultry dishes; instead the focus is on fish and seafood. One of the signature fish here is the wild yellow croaker which can fetch over HK$10,000 per catty. The restaurant sources only the best ingredients and the cooking is also exceptional - its Shanghai branch has 1 Michelin Star. Armed with a list of recommendations from friends, I came here with family for dinner one night and we were given a bowl of grapes and some almond cookies as starters. 

We were surprised at how large the Honey Glazed Sweet Potatoes ($128) were, but apparently that's the size they come in Taizhou. The sweet potatoes were subtly sweet and nicely enhanced by the honey.

The Crispy Fried Silver Ribbon Fish ($498) is a popular dish here and it's no wonder why - they were fried perfectly but not oily at all. 

Many of the dishes here are home dishes that are done extremely well - this "Xin Rong Ji" Roasted Radish Chips ($128) was no exception.

The Braised Tofu with Chanterelles in Rich Soup ($238) may look like a simple dish but the tofu was super flavorful compared to the typical tofu found in HK which may be smoother but lacks taste - apparently the soy milk had been roasted on firewood first. The soup was also super soothing to drink.

The Hot Pot Cooked Rice with Fresh Pomfret ($498) was another highlight as the pomfret was nicely cooked and the rice was full of flavors - I especially loved the bits of Chinese sausage in it.

The Scrambled Eggs with Black Fungus and Spicy Chilies ($268) was J's favorite as the eggs were silky soft. 

While the prices may not the cheap, the premium ingredients and excellent cooking more than make up for it. There were dishes that I wanted to try but couldn't because we didn't have enough people such as the Roasted Peking Duck and Braised Sea Anemones - I'll definitely be back for more!

Xin Rong Ji 新榮記
138 Lockhart Road
Tel: +852 3462 3516


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