[Macau] Chef Tam Kwok Fung at Wing Lei Palace

Last week I had the chance to try new dishes from Chef Tam Kwok Fung (formerly of 2* Jade Dragon 譽瓏軒) who has moved to Wing Lei Palace 永利宮 at Wynn Palace in July! Everyone in the food circle has been talking about the move, and the chef had been busy coming up with new dishes so the formal announcement was only made last month. The food was indeed stellar from beginning to end, and with the luxurious dining room and exquisite tea and wine selection, Wing Lei Palace will likely be the hottest table for Cantonese fine dining in Macau!

We started the meal with this impressive Barbecued Suckling Pig filled with minced shrimps top with caviar and wok-fried razor clam. The suckling pig skin was deliciously crispy and yet not oily at all.

Next we were treated to the catches of the day from Macau's fish market which were deep-fried to the point where you can eat the bones.

We were served not one but two soups (well it was mainly because we were greedy and wanted to try both). The Braised Fish Broth with fish maw and vegetables was soothing to drink but the Hot and Sour Seafood Soup definitely stole my heart with its punchy flavors! Chef Tam had used 3 types of vinegar (Zhenjiang, lychee and Italian balsamic) to create more depth and layers with the acidity of the dish - it’s been a week and I’m still reminiscing about it.

Crispy Sea Cucumber filled with minced shrimp

Steamed Lobster with 20 years aged Hua Diao and egg white

The Roasted Rack of New Zealand Lamb with cumin was another favorite of the night as the lamb had been cooked and seasoned perfectly! Roasted lamb may seem like a Western dish but for Chef Tam, it's something of a repertoire in Chinese cuisine.

The climax of the meal was when the Lychee Wood Roasted Goose with vegetables fried rice and seasonal black truffle arrived! We were told to scoop out our own portion so as to enjoy the aroma of the truffle as it dissipates. The roast goose was hands down one of the best I've ever had and the flavorful rice with truffle was just cherry on top.

Chef Tam then proceeded to spoil us with this scrumptious pot of seasonal mud crab and vermicelli! The noodles had soaked up a lot of the flavors from the crab so they were totally irresistible.

We were asking Chef Tam about the age of the goose and somehow we started discussing the age of pigeons, so then he just surprised us all with a plate of 17 days old roasted baby pigeon!

We were beyond stuffed with all the extra treats from Chef Tam but we couldn't miss the special desserts - Baked Sago Pudding with sweeten taro paste is a very classic Cantonese dessert but it was my first time having Persimmon Sorbet and it was fantastic.

I'll be looking forward to more creations from Chef Tam!

*By Invitation

Wing Lei Palace 永利宮
Av. da Nave Desportiva, Macau
Tel: +853 8889 3663


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