[Osaka] Introduction-Only Comptoir Feu コントワール フー

Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤ (5/5)

So the main reason for our visit to Kansai was to eat at Comptoir Feu - a hidden 8-seat counter French restaurant in Osaka where reservations are strictly introduction only. Chef Sato is mostly self-taught and incredibly talented as he does everything by himself from cooking, serving and even pouring wine. He was shy at first but eventually warmed up to us and even went out drinking with our group afterwards. It was an amazing night of food and wine with great company, and as he doesn't have a fixed menu, I can't wait to go back again soon to see what he does next!

We started our meal with this heavenly bowl of Beluga Caviar with Maguro that had been aged for 45 days and Yumepirika rice; and seasoned with burnt honey sauce, kabosu and yuzu.

The Buri (aged for 51 days) with eggplant, seaweed, and chili flakes from Taiwan was an exciting combination of flavors!

We also had the chance to try this rare seasonal delicacy - the Lost Katsuo 迷い鰹 where the fish got lost and joined the tuna pack by accident, thereby changing its eating habit to conform with the tuna so the taste of the katsuo itself changed as well - served with some delicious capers sauce and cream cheese.

Fried Fukinoto (butterbur sprouts) with mozzarella cheese was a surprise hit - never thought that bitterness could taste so good!

Beer Battered Carrots with Black Truffle

Tsukune with Foie Gras & Porcini Sauce and Yuzu Powder

Shiitake Mushroom with Anchovy Sauce and Flying Fish

Ox Tongue with horseradish, black bean sauce, burnt honey and sansho

It wasn’t meant to be served as sashimi at first but we asked Chef Sato if the tongue can be eaten raw, and he said yes so we ended up with an extra treat!

Guinea Fowl with Quail Egg (marinated in soy sauce for 1 hour)

Mushroom, Clam and Seaweed Soup with Shichimi

Wet Aged Harami from Kumamoto with Alba White Truffle and Rice

Sweet Potato soaked in brandy for 6 hours with French black truffle

Maguro-bushi Ramen

Even the dessert was strong with this Mascarpone & Mandarin Mousse with strawberry and white truffle (the truffle was added because someone in our group asked jokingly if we would be getting truffle on our dessert as well!).

Great food had to be accompanied by great wine - these were the selections supplied by Chef Sato.

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  1. Dang I’ve been trying to get in there ever since I heard about it 2 years ago! I hope you don’t mind if I asked how one would meet someone to introduce them to Chef Saito? I’ve had very little luck in non-Tokyo introduction restaurants


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