[Hong Kong] HAKU x Central Restaurante Collaboration

2019 in Hong Kong started off with a bang with the exciting collaboration between Chef Agustin Balbi of HAKU and Chef Virgilio Martinez and Pia Leon of Central Restaurante (#6 on World’s 50 Best) for one night only! The menu featured a delightful harmony of Japanese and Peruvian flavors, and presented a fantastic opportunity for HK diners to try indigenous Peruvian ingredients without the 30-hour flight. I had the pleasure of previewing the menu for lunch and they had adjusted the menu so we got to try more dishes from Central (since most of us had tried the Chef Agustin's food before). Thank you chefs for the enlightening meal - I got to learn more about the food and ingredients in Peru and I’m looking forward to the day when I get to visit Central in Lima!

[Central] Shrimp, Annatto and Red Cactus, Oxalis

[Central] Alpaca Hearts and Bee Pollen

[HAKU] White Corn / Chicken

[HAKU] Churros / Akegarashi

[Central] Squid / Lardo

[Central] Razor Clams, Taro, Sweet Cucumber and Natural Dye - one of the highlights of the meal. The vegetables had been fermented for 36 hours and dyed with colors extracted from natural ingredients such as the leaves of fruits.

[Central] Warm Avocado, Uni and High Altitude Grains sea urchin is actually in season now in Peru (along with langoustine) and before avocado became a trendy food now, it has always been a regular staple in Peruvian diet.

[Central] Native Roots, Amazonian Duck Intense Broth, Wild Passion Fruit one of my favorites of the meal from Central. It was interesting to learn that since Peru doesn’t have lemons, they tend to use passion fruit instead to introduce acidity into their dishes and that their passion fruits are much bigger than the ones we usually see.

[HAKU] Rice / Abalone - this signature hearty and comforting Abalone Rice (Arroz Caldoso style) has always been a personal favorite of mine from HAKU!

[HAKU] Mikan / Granita

[Central] Mucilage of Theobromas Family - ending our meal with a rather interesting chocolate dessert from Central which utilizes all parts of the cacao including its mucilage!

[HAKU] Sweets

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