[Hong Kong] Special Anniversary Meal at Hanare はなれ

Rating: ❤❤❤❤1/2 (4.5/5)

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to try a special menu featuring the award-winning Ibaraki Ken Hitachi Wagyu beef 茨城県產常陸牛 in celebration of Hanare's first anniversary in Hong Kong! Hailing from Tokyo, Hanare is an exclusive chef’s table experience inside Yakiniku Jumbo with only 8 seats serving a Wagyu-centric kaiseki, and we were lucky enough to have owner chef Nanbara San cook for us that day. The Hitachi Wagyu beef comes from cows which have been raised for over 30 months while feeding on superior nutritious ingredients in Ibaraki such as barley, wheat, corn and soybeans. What you get is beef that is tender and rich in flavors; every single cut was phenomenal and I’m still reminiscing about it even though it has been weeks.

I have been to Yakiniku Jumbo Hanare in Tokyo and while the Tokyo one is casual and rustic, the Hanare in Hong Kong is more posh and chic with dark walls and gold trimmings. When I walked into the dining room that day, all the drool-worthy ingredients for our meal were already laid out on the counter for our eyes to feast on.

While the meal is focused on beef, you do get to try other premium ingredients to round out the meal. Ours started with a platter of three small bites:
- Deep-fried Kyoto Eggplant with Kyoto Nanzenji Kumiage Yuba and Sea Urchin
- Aichikensan Fig with Sesame Cream Sauce
- Spring Vegetables Topped with Black Abalone 

Hokkaido Baby Scallop with Chinese Cabbage Kimchi

Ibaraki Ken Hitachi Wagyu Beef Misuji and Rump

Ibaraki Ken Hitachi Wagyu Beef Tomo Sankaku Nigiri Sushi

Ibaraki Ken Hitachi Wagyu Beef Premium Ox Tongue (best ox tongue ever!)

Summer Vegetable Salad with Special Dressing

Nohara Yaki - one of the famous signature dishes of the restaurant!

Ibaraki Ken Hitachi Wagyu Beef Fillet in Katsu and Yukke Style

Ibaraki Ken Hitachi Wagyu Beef Chateaubriand and Roasted Ichibo with Beef Consomme Sauce

Ibaraki Ken Hitachi Wagyu Beef Rice with Black Truffle

Shizuoka Crown Melon, Miyazaki Mango and Hojicha Pudding

*By Invitation

Shop 302, 3/F, Man Yee Building
68 Des Voeux Road, Central
Tel: +852 6136 0898

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