[Belgium: Ghent] 1* Chambre Separee

Rating: ❤❤❤ (3/5)

Our last meal in Belgium was at 1 Michelin-starred Chambre Separee by Chef Kobe Desramaults who ran the renowned restaurant In De Wulf. It only has 16 covers at any one time where diners sit at a counter around the open kitchen with charcoal grills and wood-fired oven. While the restaurant came highly recommended, it was actually the most disappointing meal we had in Belgium. First of all, the place was so smoky it stunk up all of our clothes and the smell stayed with us for days afterwards. Second, out of 20+ courses, only a few dishes were truly outstanding while the rest were just okay - not great for a meal that costs €230 pp. Lastly, the service can be better. There were no places or hooks to hang our bags at the counter so I had to put my purse on the floor and I noticed a few other ladies doing the same. No utensils are placed in front of you before each course; instead you’re given a box of forks and knives to serve yourself but we ran out of forks for the last courses and no one noticed. While these may not sound like deal breakers, bear in mind the price that is charged and thus a certain level of standards is expected. Also when we were leaving, they forgot to give us back one of our bags and we had to double back while on our way to the train station. We were already tight for time trying to make the train to Brussels and ended up having to sprint with a minute to spare...not the best way to end the night.

The meal started off promising with a welcome snack and drink in the reception area which resembled a living room with couches, coffee tables and even a record player where the chef personally selects the tunes.

Pollack, radish, rhubarb




Sardine, nasturtium, green strawberry

Mussel chawanmushi

Razor clam, sweet pea

Langoustine, kohlrabi, yacon - this was the best dish of the night

White dune asparagus, rapeseed

Green asparagus, herbs

Sunflower seeds, sea lavender

Lobster tartare, paksoi, coriander, langoustine jus

Lobster tail, butter

Gurnard, lardo, fermented tomato, nasturtium

Grilled Snails, potato cooked in buttermilk, spring onion

Grilled Aged Quail for 2 weeks, langoustine miso glaze, gelee made from bones of quail, sour cream mustard, chicken skin, Oscietra caviar

Keiemse Witte, Beaufort, mirabelle

Agastache, kohlrabi, rhubarb

Violet, jasmine ice cream

Keiemse Witte cheesecake (recipe from San Sebastian)


White chocolate, lemon, pineshoots

Hazelnut millefeuille

We had high expectations going into this meal but unfortunately they were not met especially for the price we paid.

Chambre Separee

Keizer Karelstraat 1, 9000 Gent, Belgium
Tel: +32 485 58 48 57

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