[Belgium: Liernu] 2* L'Air du Temps

Rating: ❤❤❤❤ (4/5)

We went to Belgium for the first time back in May and our first meal was at the 2 Michelin-starred L'Air du Temps in Liernu - a restaurant housed on a contemporary farm with guest rooms and its own vegetables garden! Founded by Sang Hoon Degeimbre who trained as a butcher with no formal culinary training, the self-taught chef was born in Korea but grew up in Belgium so you will find Korean and Asian influences in his dishes. While we didn’t stay overnight, it’s highly recommended so you can get the full experience and enjoy the peaceful surroundings at a leisurely pace. The easiest way to get there from Brussels would be by car but you can also take the train to the nearest town and then take a taxi to the restaurant.

The decor of the main dining room was very contemporary and encased with floor-to-ceiling windows which offered unobstructed views of the beautiful gardens.

When we walked into the main dining room, we noticed something hanging over every table. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a piece of floating crispy bread hanging from the ceiling - our first course of the evening!
Our meal continued with a series of creative and interesting SNACKS:
Mechelen: White asparagus, liquorice, violets

Furikake: Carrot, ponzu, aegopodium

Scout: Firewood in pine forest

Pie: Potato, onion, ssamjang, turnip

Graines de Curieux: Einkorn, gooseberry, cabbage flower

Fried: Wonton of black pudding

One of the best dishes of the meal was actually an off-menu dish served table side - Sturgeon Caviar from Belgium with sushi rice and egg mayonnaise! The saltiness of the caviar, the sweetness of the mayonnaise and the acidity of the rice all came together perfectly.

Liernu: Turnip, lacto juice, oil of the time

“Chou Marin”: Cauliflower, anchovy dashi

Overijse: Belgian morels, poultry, Comte cheese, potato with coffee

Lamb: Lague with wild garlic, curry, asparagus

Origin: Grains and fundamental tastes

After our meal, we left with a few chocolate lollipops as a parting gift. 

Overall, the meal was interesting with bold and creative combinations - while it wasn't our favorite meal in Belgium, I think there's potential and it's certainly worth keeping an eye on the evolution of the menu at L'Air du Temps.

L'Air du Temps
Rue de la Croix Monet, 25310 Liernu, Belgium
Tel: +32 81 81 30 48

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