[Bangkok] Fiery Southern Thai Cuisine at 1* Sorn

Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤ (5/5)

The best meal we had on this trip to Bangkok was at 1* Sorn which serves up some of the most refined and fiery Southern Thai cuisine I've ever had! Helmed by chef-owners Supaksorn Jongsiri and Yodkwan U-Pumpruk, the restaurant has become one of the hottest and hard to book restaurant in town with only 20 seats. The 22-course tasting menu took us on a gastronomic journey through the colorful ingredients of Southern Thailand. It's definitely a must-try in Bangkok...if you can score a reservation that is.

Eating at Sorn is almost like eating at someone's house as it is located in an elegant two-story house. The tables are scattered in different rooms and we sat in the middle of the house with a direct view of the open kitchen. Southern Thai cuisine is known to be really spicy so we asked them to dial down the spiciness to medium which was definitely a good call. Not every dish was spicy of course; in fact we experienced a roller coaster journey of different flavors from dish to dish.

Our view into the open kitchen

There is only one tasting menu at Sorn which costs 3200 THB currently, and it is split into sections - the first part is a series of small bites which is then followed by mains and rice to be shared among your table.

Amuse Bouche
Young Mangosteen with crispy krill, crispy shallot and coconut plum sugar

Cashew Nut Relish with cashew nut butter and cucumber

The Beach with sand mole crabs, seaweed powder, scallop and curry paste

2° Lobster with Phuket lobster, mixed Thai herbs and lime zest

Satun Local Clam with Auty clam, pickled bird's eye chili, garlic, coriander root and lard

Gems on Crab Stick ver.2 with crab, crab roe, yellow chili paste, ginger and lemongrass

Coco on Coconut with all good things from coconut, Southern plants, dried squid and shrimp

Fresh of the Boats with squid, squid ink and squid roe

Roti Crab Curry ver.3 with Roti pastry, crab curry and pepper-tree leave

The Forest Meets the Sea with Southern herbs, turmeric rice, morinda rice and fish innards dressing 

The Rice
Cooked by charcoal in clay pot, Ranong mineral water, rice from Nakhon Si Thammarat and Phatthalung

The Thai Way of Sharing, "The Classics"
Fresh Yellow Curry with young mangosteen, fish roe, gaew gu fish and crispy fish skin

Pumpkin and Egg with Nakhon Si Thammarat pumpkin, free range organic egg, lobster and pork

Grilled Wild Quail Rolling with Spices with Southern chili paste and Nakhon Si Thammarat quail

Soup with steamed egg, winter melon, pickled garlic and roast garlic

Stinky Beans with homemade abalone, mantis shrimp and hoof fermented sauce, stinky beans and sea conch

Oxtail Curry with oxtail, curry paste and fresh coconut milk

Pork rind, sweet pork, chili paste, sun-dried fish, chili with fish sauce

Palate Cleanser Sorbet
Torch Ginger Sobert

Sweety Until Midnight with soy milk ice cream and fried dough

Natural Tapioca boiled in coconut water with longan ice, longan jam, frozen coconut milk and grilled coconut

Ending the meal with petit fours and Southern style coffee

56, Sukhumvit 26 Alley, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
Tel: +66 99 081 1119

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