[Hong Kong] New Saturday Lunch Service at Tate Dining Room

New lunch service at Tate Dining Room available on every first and last Saturday of each month! Priced at HK$780, the 6-course lunch menu focuses on a single ingredient which is the humble EGG for the month of March. It's a great opportunity to dine in the gorgeous restaurant during the day where you can take in the romantic white and pink decor in natural light. Optional wine pairing is also available at HK$480 for 3 glasses and HK$780 for 6 glasses.

Our menu started with an elegant Century Egg with Tofu. I'm not really a big fan of century egg but the flavor here was quite subtle and exquisite.

Followed by this gorgeous Egg Espuma with Crab Meat which came adorned with feathers and all.

The course continued with a delicious Cuttlefish Noodles with Warm Egg Yolk. We were instructed to break the creamy egg yolk and mix with the noodles to eat, and it was a match made in heaven.

The Fried Egg with Salmon & Black Bean Hollandaise was an easy crowd pleaser with its perfect runny egg yolk.

The last savory course was a lovely Egg Custard with Soy Marinated Duck Breast (which reminds me of Chiu Chow marinade).

Ended our lunch with a refreshing Almond Pudding with Grape Jelly.

Although the menu was focused on a single ingredient, the courses never felt repetitive thanks to the skill of Chef Vicky Lau - I look forward to seeing what the next ingredient will be!

*By Invitation

Tate Dining Room & Bar
210 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan
Tel: +852 2555 2172 

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