[Tokyo] Yakitori Imai 焼鳥今井

Rating: ❤❤❤❤ (4/5)

A lively night at Yakitori Imai - a modern and stylish restaurant with 30 seats along a big counter. Opened in late 2016, the owner chef Takashi Imai moved from an intimate shop in Sendagi to this location in Jingumae. The offerings are a bit more gourmet here including homemade liver pate, grilled cheese and even a nice selection of natural wines. The chicken skewers are well-seasoned (the innards are especially fantastic) but the vegetables are not to be missed as well. Reservations are highly recommended as many walk-ins were turned away even on a weeknight. Three types of courses are available starting from ¥5200 plus you can order a la carte as well. We opted for the signature Yakitori Imai course (¥6800 per person) with 7 yakitori, 4 vegetables, a few sides plus a rice dish at the end.

Our course started with a creamy homemade chicken liver pate and vegetables salad. 

Isobe (breast meat wrapped in nori seaweed)




Quail Eggs




Negima (green onion and thigh)

Quail Leg


At this point, we were informed that our yakitori portion has ended and if we wanted to order anything else a la carte. We ordered the Gizzard as that is one of my favorite parts to eat.

Grilled Cheese


Our yakitori course ended with a tasty 焼鳥土鍋まぶし (rice with yakitori cooked in earthenware pot) and chicken broth! The rice was well-cooked as you can feel the texture of each grain of rice.

Yakitori Imai 焼鳥今井

3-chome-42-11 Jingumae Shibuya City Tokyo, Japan
Tel: +81-3-6447-1710

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