[Denmark: Copenhagen] 3* Geranium - The World's Best Restaurant

Rating: 5/5

Saving the best for last, the last fine dining restaurant I visited in Copenhagen this time was Geranium which was just crowned The World’s Best Restaurant in 2022 by The World's 50 Best Restaurants! The latest ‘Spring Universe’ menu is meat-free and focuses solely on local seafood and vegetables from organic and biodynamic farms in Denmark and Scandinavia. Every single dish I had on the menu was simply perfect so I was not surprised when it won the top spot this year - very well deserved!

My first time dining at Geranium was in 2016 at an OAD event and even then I felt that they were already on top of their game. There’s a sense of natural elegance that permeates throughout the entire dining experience - from the vibe to the service and the food of course.

The ‘Spring Universe’ menu started with the following delicious appetizers:

“Danish Tradition” Salted Herring in crispy algae with dill stems & aquavit

Lightly Smoked Lumpfish Roe with milk, kale & apple

Cucumber stuffed with oysters, spring shoots & snail eggs

Raw Vegetables from local farms with crispy scallops & trout roe emulsion

One of my favorites from the current menu was this gorgeous Boiled Beetroot “Bishemosegürd” with dried blueberries & horseradish cream sauce.

Then we started our savory servings  with a special add-on dish - Oscietva Caviar "Gold” with lightly smoked sunflower seeds, pickled walnut leaves and whipped cream. It was such a heavenly dish - definitely my favorite of this meal and the best caviar dish (with caviar as the main ingredient) I’ve ever had!

Another highlight was this gorgeous Pickled Celeriac with crunchy vegetables and smoky "Rugeost" (Danish cow cheese) topped with a fermented cream with caviar! Served on a specially-made plate by a Danish artist using powder from the sea and dried vegetables.

Bread Pancake with buttermilk, ramson & winter truffle

Nero Potatoes with fermented cabbage, lovage & mustard seeds

Green Asparagus with aged cheese & wild plants

Turbot stuffed with langoustine, smoked turbot fins, morels and pickled pine. Brushed with a stock of turbot and langoustine, and served with morel mushrooms on the side. A beautiful marriage of two seafood ingredients.

Infusion with grilled white asparagus, pickled elderberries, truffle & crispy grains with grain coffee

Moving into desserts!

Aroma of hackberry, wood sorrel & frozen ymer

Rhubarb, yoghurt & frozen black currant leaves tea

Dark Chocolate & Jerusalem artichoke reduction

Sea Buckthorn, carrot, pumpkin seeds & white chocolate

Frozen Raspberry Juice & mild liquorice

Warm Potato Cake with nutmeg & tykmælk

Milk Chocolate with pickled rose hip

Per Henrik Lings Allé 4, 8. Sal, 2100 København, Denmark
Tel: +45 69 96 00 20

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