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I was having lunch with a coworker when I passed this new branch of the Italian dessert shop 2/3 DOLCI that just opened in Quarry Bay! The simple white and blue decor attracted my attention immediately and I went in to check out the shop.

The shop was long and narrow with the dessert displays on one side and a dine-in counter on the other side. 
At the far end of the shop was the gelato selection, which is 100% natural and the only slow-churned gelato in Hong Kong apparently. You can order your choice of their Italian dessert cup or scoops of gelato with flavors like earl grey, pistacchio, and guava. But today, I am here to try their pastries. 

2/3 DOLCI offers hand-made pastries that are made from scratch everyday. There were many pastries to choose from and they all looked so delectable! I wanted to try them all, but I only chose 4 at the end since the pastries weren't cheap at ~$4x a piece. 
I ended up choosing all 3 of their signature pastry - the AMORE, PISTACCHIO and GUAIAVA. I also couldn't resist getting the CONIGLIO, a cute Easter bunny pastry available for a limited time only!
The AMORE looked delectably gorgeous with its romantic red-colored shell. Filled with lychee and rose tea infused panna cotta and mousse cake, the pastry had more structure than I'd thought given its fluffy-looking exterior. As I dig into the pastry, I could see the alternating layers of flavors inside with beautiful shades of red and pink. The lychee flavors were refreshing while the delicate floral aroma of rose was alluring. 
The PISTACCHIO was intriguing with its unique-looking dome of pistachio cream droplets. The tart on the bottom was hand-made from scratch while filled with pistachio sponge, a layer of dark chocolate, and infused with pistachio paste. To top it off, caramel cream was added on top of the tart while surrounded by droplets of pistachio cream. The flavors of the pistachio was subtle and delicate while the tart was crunchy and scrumptious to eat!

The GUAIAVA also looked stunning with 8 layers of pinkness! Made from French Guava paste, the guava mousse, ganache and jelly alternated between layers of fluffy sponge cake. The flavors of this guava pastry were so fresh and exquisite - it was hard to put down my fork after the first bite!

The CONIGLIO was simply too cute for words - I almost didn't want to eat the Easter bunny! Filled with strawberry mousse and mix berries sauce, the texture of this pastry was a lot more delicate than AMORE even though their exterior looked similar. The flavors were wonderfully blended with refreshing tastes of strawberry and berries.

Overall, the quality of the pastries at 2/3 Dolci was very high while the flavors were delicate and simply delicious! I think I would be a frequent patron here until I have tried all of their pastries! Must also try their gelato next time~

Shop 25D, G/F, 9-15 Tong Chong Street, Quarry Bay 
2515 0860

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