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Rating: ❤❤❤

I was excited to hear that 85 South serves North Carolina BBQ food so stopped by with J to try one early evening. The restaurant was easy to spot with the familiar logo of US highway signs. The interior was gritty and rustic with colorful graffiti covering the bare concrete walls. Several picnic-style tables occupied the main dining space which reminds me of the rest stops along the highways in the US. 

The menu was pretty simple with combinations of either pulled pork or ribs. We ended up choosing the Sandwich Tray which consisted of the BBQ sandwich+fries+drink, and the Rib Tray with ribs+slaw+fries+drink. Drinks include homemade lemonade, tea, juices, soda, and beer. Counter service only so we had to bus our own table.
The homemade lemonade was self-served as well in a fridge next to the counter. 
All the condiments and utensils were placed on the table already.
The 3 homemade sauces in colorful bottles that caught my eye each with its own unique flavors. The yellow bottle is a mustard based sauce with a honey based sweetness. The red bottle is tomato based with a BBQ flavor. The clear bottle is vinegar based with a peppery taste. I tried all 3 of the sauces but I preferred the tomato based sauce over the others.
We collected our food from the counter when they were ready. The BBQ sandwich in the Sandwich Tray ($85) was surprisingly scrumptious especially with the coleslaw slathered on top of the pulled pork. The pork was deliciously smoky while BBQ slaw definitely stole the show with its sweet yet tangy flavors. [4/5]

The Rib Tray ($130) was very disappointing though! The ribs were pitifully dry and bony with very little meat to munch on. This dish was way overpriced at $130 for the portions. Even the homemade sauces couldn't save it. [2.5/5]

Verdict - the food was alright while the service left a lot to be desired. I mean I don't mind the counter service even though the prices are a bit high for this kind of fast food model. The staff could definitely be friendlier and more helpful especially for first timers. When we were ordering, the guy at the counter was really impatient and didn't want to answer our questions. When we asked him where to get the drinks, he just pointed before turning away aruptly. It just didn't make us feel welcomed and it's these little things that add up when one is deciding where to eat or not. 

85 South
6-10 Kau U Fong, Central
2337 2078 

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