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Brought to us by Maximal Concepts - the creators of award winning restaurants like Blue Butcher and Brickhouse, Fish & Meat is a restaurant that stays true to the real fundamentals of cooking by simply focusing on the best produce and techniques while letting the ingredients speak for themselves. Located on 2/F, the restaurant is open and spacious with 2 private rooms and an outdoor patio. I love the rustic decor with the simple white walls, wooden furniture, and mason jar hanging lamps. I'm a sucker for mason jars btw!

The outdoor space overlooks The Fringe Club and is perfect for dining outside in the cooler months - summer is just too hot in HK. >_<

We started off our night with cocktails and I was told that the restaurant does not limit their passion to just food! The cocktail menu was creative and seemingly draws their inspiration from ingredients in farms and gardens.
Farm House Jam ($120) - the first cocktail I tried was the farm house jam with vodka, homemade blueberry thyme jam, and prosecco. Arriving in my favorite mason jar, the drink was gorgeous to look at with its delightful pink colors and blueberries sitting on top of the jar on a spoon. I was instructed to mix in the blueberry jam into the drink and the resulting flavors were sweet and splendid to drink. [4/5] 

Pesto Martini ($125) - I also ended up trying this highly recommended drink made with farmers gin, pine nut syrup, and basil bitters. The texture was a tad thicker than usual while the flavors were one-of-a-kind. I love the refreshing taste of this cocktail as it was like sipping on a garden! [4.5/5]

Sea Urchin Bruschetta ($120) - our food started coming then and the first dish to arrive was this darling bruchetta with sea urchin and lardo di colonnata, which is cured pig's back fat! Infused with rosemary, the bruschetta was scrumptious to eat with the rich and delicate flavors and textures from the sea urchin and lardo combined. [4/5]

Roasted Bone Marrow Crostini ($115) - the crostini was even more impressive with the melt-in-your-mouth roasted bone marrow! Sprinkled with lemon zest, garlic and parsley, the flavors were well balanced between the buttery taste of the bone marrow and the tartness of the condiments. [5/5]

Hand-ground Dutch Veal and Pork Meatballs ($120) - I think these were hands down one of the best meatballs I've ever had! Paired with Fontina cheese and pepperoni sauce, the meatballs were moist and chewy with a bouncy texture while the spicy sauce gave them a nice kick in flavor. [5/5]

Fresh Tagliatelle ($130) - the tagliatelle here were quite unlike any other I have eaten as the pasta is freshly made everyday so they tend to be softer than the typical "al dente". Mixed with chicken and truffle emulsion while adorned with a piece of crispy skin, the pasta smelled divine and the taste was simply wonderful. [4/5] 

Seared French Wild Whiting Fish ($230) - more lardo! The fish was very nicely seared as it was soft and flaky in texture while the lardo was irresistible. I loved the avocado creme and jalapeno which enhanced the flavors in contrasting ways. [4/5]

Kobe 32oz Prime Beef Rib ($1380) - even though I was stuffed at this point, I couldn't help but chow down on the Kobe prime rib as it was amazingly delicious! The prime rib was cooked perfectly with its succulent and juicy red meat. The meat was already pretty flavorful by itself but the accompanying sauces of bearnaise, salsa verde and beef jus was wondrous as well. [5/5]

Peter's Farm Dutch Veal Chop ($390) - the veal chop was another impressive meat dish with its crispy exterior while the meat inside remained soft and tender. It came with a salad with vine tomatoes, arugula, pine nuts and bacon that was light and refreshing to eat. [4.5/5]

Whipped mascarpone “Cheesecake” ($80) - we still managed to try 2 desserts that night with the first being a deconstructed cheesecake. I practically inhaled this dessert as the whipped mascarpone was so light and fluffy! The buttery shortbread crumble and raspberry sorbet were just cherry on top! [5/5]

Dark Chocolate Fondant ($90) - the second dessert was equally glorious with its dark chocolate liquid heaven! Paired with a homemade Tahitian vanilla ice cream, the fondant was rich and dreamy to eat while the flavors were not too sweet. [5/5]

Overall, Fish & Meat delivered high quality dishes through great ingredients and rustic cooking techniques. The service was prompt and friendly while the atmosphere was casual yet upbeat. It's the perfect place for a group of friends to eat a hearty meal and get drunk on delicious cocktails!

Fish & Meat
2/F, 32 Wyndham street, Central
2565 6788

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