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Last time, I visited Next Station Dessert when they were still in Jordan and I was impressed with their desserts back then. Since then, they have moved to a new location in Mong Kok so I decided to stop by when I happened to be in the area. The new location is much livier and busier as it is in the same area as HeSheEat and Knockbox Coffee. The decor is also much cuter and more distinct as it looks like a retro train station which is fitting for their name. The menu now has some new additions and creations, so J and I ended up getting a couple to try. 
Test Tube ($65) - this test tube dessert was one that I wanted to try for sure when I saw the new menu. The 3 test tubes each contained a unique flavor with the instruction to start with the cucumber wasabi shaved ice first on the right hand side. The combination was unique and thrilling while sweet and spicy at the same time. Next in order was the mojito with white rum jelly, lime mousse, and mint jelly on the left. The flavors were deliciously tart as each layer had its own taste and texture. Saving the best for last was the test tube in the middle - Earl Grey panna cotta with expresso foam. Similar to their Earl Grey creme brulee, the flavors were rich and strong with a distinct Earl Grey tea flavor. With all of the refreshing flavors and textures, this dessert is perfect for summer! [5/5]
Warm Chocolate Foam ($56) - this dessert is a new offering with warm molecular chocolate foam, kirsch cherry compote, lady finger, and pink lady yogurt ice cream. The chocolate foam was rich and creamy which contrasted with the cool and tangy yogurt ice cream. Even with the many different textures and temperatures, everything managed to come together nicely to create a cohesive and delectable dessert! [5/5]

Chesnut Purple Sweet Potato Mountain ($65) - lastly, we tried the chestnut purple sweet potato mountain which was impressive to look at! Topped with chestnut puree and vanilla ice cream, the purple potato was so sweet and satisfying to eat. The chestnut puree was jaw-dropping long - the amount they used wasn't cheap which I thought spoke volumes about the care and thought they put into their desserts. [4/5]

Verdict - the quality of desserts are still high and creative at Next Station Dessert at their new location. With many new additions to their menu, I can't wait to come back to try them all!

Next Station Dessert
G/F, 13 Hak Po Street, Mong Kok 
2668 8355

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