[Barcelona] Lasarte - 2* Michelin Restaurant by Martin Berasategui

We wrapped up our eating adventure in Barcelona with dinner at the 2* Michelin star Lasarte Restaurant - opened by Martin Berasategui who holds the most amount of Michelin stars among Spanish chefs with 8 in total. Having just undergone a full renovation, the restaurant was bright and modern while the ambiance was a bit formal and stiff. Don't get me wrong - I think it's great for a romantic night out and celebrations but I felt self conscious about making any noise given how quiet the entire place was. I was looking forward to trying the food and with 2 tasting menus to choose from 13 courses for 165€ and 9 courses for 130€, we went with the 9 course menu for the entire table.

When the appetizers first came out, I thought that the dishes looked a bit familiar and when the 5 different flavored butter arrived, I then realized that this was where the chef at Vasco in Hong Kong was trained! I totally forgot that when I made reservations at Lasarte. Apparently, Chef Paolo Casagrande splits his time between Lasarte and Vasco so expect to see similar dishes from Lasarte at Vasco soon!

We were treated to a series of beautiful and delicate appetizers before our first course with clam in mango ceviche, shrimp crostini, foie gras with smoked eel & caramelized onion, and cucumber soup with jalapeno and razor clam.


The first course was a raw fennel on a creamy carabinero with spicy touches of celery and green apple. The carabinero is a large deep-sea prawn found in the Mediterranean with robust flavors - we were off to a good start of our meal!

I absolutely adored the striking colors of the malt and beet risotto with sweet gorgonzola and stewed eel and the flavors did not disappoint either. 

The Iberian ham and basil soup with ox tail mini-cannelloni and aubergine tortellini was lapped up in seconds with its delicious soup.

There was a little bit too much going on with the charcoal grilled tuna belly with citrus, capers, black olive, smoked sauce and galanga and I didn't really like the black olive ball which didn't go with the tuna in my opinion.

The roast pigeon with Iberian mask ragout, pineapple & saffron compote and stuffed baby onions was my favorite with its elaborate plating and well thought out flavors! Compared to the pigeon dish at Hisop, this one at Lasarte definitely stood out more for me.  

The first dessert was a refreshing one with strawberries and Campari-orange in mint infusion!

The chocolate sorbet with sesame whipped cream, yogurt and yuzu was rich but well-balanced by the sesame and yogurt. The only thing was that we couldn't taste much of the yuzu.

Finally, the petit fours arrived in a grand fashion with raspberry mousse, chocolate ganache, basil and olive oil chocolate and ginger tea! I was full by that point but I simply couldn't resist trying such alluring sweet creations.

Verdict - with impeccable food and service, Lasarte is not to be missed in Barcelona by foodies who wants a taste of Martin Berasategui's gastronomy vision using the best ingredients offered by nature!

Restaurant Lasarte
Mallorca, 259
Barcelona 08008
Tel: +34 93 445 32 42

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