[Hong Kong] Bread & Beast - Innovative Fusion Sandwich Joint

Rating: ❤❤❤❤

Swatow Street in Wan Chai is fast becoming my go-to side street for casual food with my favorite coffee shop The Cupping Room and now this homegrown fusion sandwich shop Bread & Beast! The shop is airy and hip with semi-alfresco seating, bright color chairs and cool portraits of its namesake - bread and beast. The menu is simple with 3 choices of sandwiches plus a monthly special featuring seasonal ingredients and sides like soup, salad and fries with a twist. The service is a bit self-serving where you pay and order first, grab a seat and they will call your name when your food is ready. Lunch combos are also available where you can order a sandwich with drinks or sides at a a slight discount.

I was here to try this famous Ngau Lam Wich ($88) and I was skeptical at first to be honest but this fusion of Chinese beef brisket into a sandwich actually worked! The 12 hour slow-cooked beef brisket was tender and quite flavorful from the chu hao mayo and pickled daikon while the exterior of the beef seemed to have been seared as well as there was a bit of crisp and caramelization on the beef. The sandwich was well-made and the quality of the ingredients was excellent for the price - it was a sandwich that I wouldn't mind having again and again!

The Kentucky San ($68) with crispy fried chicken, curry kewpie mayo and pickled ginger was moist and juicy but I thought the taste was a bit bland and not as flavorful as the Ngau Lam Wich.

The Lenon Fries ($35) with fresh cut potatoes, okonomiyaki sauce, bonito flakes, kewpie mayo and 63 degree egg was like a deconstructed okonomiyaki and even though the fries could have been crispier, I enjoyed this very much!

Verdict - with high quality and bold sandwich creations at a reasonable price, Bread & Beast is not to be missed by sandwich fanatics and those looking for a quality lunch spot. Eat Bold, Live True, Stay Hungry - that's the #beastcode. Are you game?

Bread & Beast
3 Swatow Street, Wan Chai
Tel: +852 9120 6869

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